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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: August 31st, 2020

Key Dates

What's Moving This Week

  • Campaigns: Preparing for the public launch of the Youtube Regrets extension, Pioneer project prep w/ MoCo, analysing public polling results in relation to the Nextdoor and Ring campaigns on Police partnerships, continuing work on streaming TV analysis, elections integrity scorecard. Working on a response to an Australian social media regulation consultation.
  • Insights: Moving data stewardship analysis phase 1 online, brainstorm with allied organizations to inform research phase 2, Internet health Report design and format brainstorm with vendors and content outline finalization.
  • ED: Preparing for leadership planning kick-off; finalizing the first open and closed calls for the European AI Fund, finalizing RFP for DEI Consultants, organizing inputs for data work with Projects by IF - reach out to Sarah W if you have any questions.
  • MozFest: Planning onboarding for MozFest production houses, Wrangler selection notifications, follow-up on project proposals from TAI Working Group, develop roadmap for volunteer cookbook, finish up research on MozFest ambassador program, finalize team charter
  • Partnerships: White paper 5-part event series planning, September fundraiser and recurring giving campaign prep, and looking at funding for CMAs, PNI, and campaigns
  • Fellowships & Awards: Welcoming Roxxy!; Continue promoting CMA nominations + responding to inquiries; UX interviews for Data Futures ProtoLab; Publish and distribute August F&A updates; stakeholder movement landscape analysis interviews; blog post follow up to D&D; team charter; Grant for the Web Advisory Council (virtual) mini-retreat
  • Engagement: Elections/Misinfo content planing, PNI development, Wagtail publications development, AB testing, Homepage IA refresh
  • Finance & Ops: Finalize RSM contract, finalize 2019 audit draft with auditors (addressing open items), complete cloud service platform transition from MoFo to MZLA, finalize scope with consultants on budget process, complete July financial highlights, meet with tax accountants on 2019 return
  • HR: Mid-cycle goal check-ins are underway; Onboarding for new hires; Continuing recruitment efforts; Preparing to launch harassment training; Preparing for job description audit
  • Communications: Publicity for remaining CMAs; Planning for project launches by fellows Harriet K. and Kostas S.; Event pitching for H2 and H1 2021
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Prep for leadership planning kick-off next week; research on other organization's response to COVID-19.

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • Discussed preparation for leadership planning kick-off next week (Note Mark and Bob were on PTO)

Job Openings

  • Offer accepted for the Digital Project Manager role
  • Offer accepted for the Marketing Coordinator role
  • Final interviews are underway for the Data Lead role
  • Final interviews are underway for the Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications role
  • Applications are being reviewed for the UX/UI Designer role
  • Applications open for the Manager, Web Development role
  • Applications open for the Editorial Manager role
  • Applications open for the Lab Lead role
  • Applications open for the Full-Stack Developer role

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