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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: September 7th, 2020

Key Dates

What's Moving This Week

  • Campaigns: Twitter campaign next steps, elections integrity scorecard, streaming TV analysis to launch Sept 22, publishing results from Nextdoor/Ring public polling. Public launch of the YouTube extension still ramping up.
  • Communications: Publicity planning for the YouTube extension launch, our streaming ads research, and various fellowship project launches. Planning for October D&D on memes and misinformation. Executive conference pitching.
  • Partnerships: Recurring donor campaign test and regular email campaign; Event planning — lots of WOTH event coming up; Major donor thank you video finalizing and deployment.
  • HR: Mid-cycle goal check-ins are underway until September 18; Anti-Harassment Training due September 30; Preparing onboarding for new hires; Continuing recruitment efforts; Setting up for job description audit Phase 1; Finalizing Diversity disclosure for publication
  • Finance & Ops: Meet with Deloitte to discuss 990 Workbook, finalize scope with consultants on budget process, finalize VAT decision with UK & Netherlands
  • Insights: Preparing outreach for data stewardship landscape analysis, refining scope and recruitment for movement partnership landscape analysis, getting contributors on new IHR Slack channel on Mozfest Slack, finalizing outline for the Internet Health Report
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Leadership planning kick-off, Summer Friday survey analysis, planning September monthly MoFo call
  • MozFest: Week one of wrangler onboarding, newsletter prep week and narrative and festival format blogs in review stages
  • Fellowships & Awards: Getting T+S Fellows’ offers out & Host Org MOUs sorted; Finish Stakeholder movement landscape analysis interviews; Continue to move forward with HBCU+RCS funding proposal and work on next steps of the program; Finalize 2020-21 CMA Jury and announce publicly; Luminate Proposal 2.0
  • Engagement: Continuing development on publications tool, PNI design, YouTube regrets, Data Futures Lab, Misinfo Monday, News Beat
  • ED: Beginning contract with Projects by IF on data use cases (Reach out to Sarah W with any questions)

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • Multi-year planning: Prep for leadership planning kick-off September 8-10, where we’ll be honing the vision for phase 3 of our movement building strategy and gathering input for ‘AI narrative arcs’ which we’ll share with the Program Committee next month.

Job Openings

  • Final interviews underway for Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications
  • Final interviews are underway for Data Lead
  • Applications are being reviewed for the UX/UI Designer role
  • Applications open for Manager, Web Development
  • Applications open for Editorial Manager
  • Applications open for the Lab Lead
  • Applications open for the Full-Stack Developer

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