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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: September 14th, 2020

Key Dates

  • September 14 - Deadline to nominate for 2020-21 Creative Media Awards
  • September 15 - MZLA 3rd quarter Tax Estimates due
  • September 17 - YouTube Regrets Reporter extension launches
  • September 17 - Publication and outreach for the data stewardship landscape analysis
  • September 18 - Mid-cycle goals due to HR
  • September 22 - Streaming TV political ads project launches
  • September 24 - Deepfakery "Not Funny Anymore: Deepfakes, manipulated media and mis/disinformation" session with WITNESS featuring Halsey & Fran (In Event of Moon Disaster CMA awardees)
  • September 30 - Deadline for Anti-Harassment Training
  • October 1 - Tech + Society Fellows start
  • October 13 - Dialogues & Debates, "Memes, Misinfo, and the Election"
  • October 15 - Launch of CMA Project “The Future of Memory” by Xiaowei Wang, Qianqian Ye and Jasmine Wang

What's Moving This Week

  • MozFest: Continue new wrangler onboarding, blogposts w/ updates about this year’s MozFest, developing Call for Proposals, publishing Facilitator’s Guide on website, reviewing tech working group project proposals, onboarding production house.
  • Insights: Synthesize stakeholder interviews and refine scope for movement landscape analysis, recruit a consultant to start the work, finalize design and wireframes for the Internet Health Report, assemble datasets and research and final decisions on Spotlight article topics, outreach for data stewardship landscape analysis.
  • Campaigns: Completing research on the streaming tv work before launch, research on elections integrity/misinfo scorecard, final preparations for YouTube regrets reporter extension launch, kicking off the Twitter trending topics campaign, working on a project proposal with SimplySecure to reimagine recommendation algorithms.
  • Communications: Publicity and planning for YouTube Regrets extension; political ad research; Harriet and Kostas’ fellowship project launches; and October D&D.
  • Partnerships: Drafting a Gates Foundation proposal by 9/17; email fundraising campaign appeal on 9/16; year-end fundraising materials and timelines prepped; and processing donations made by check.
  • Fellowships & Awards: Contract processing + onboarding prep for Tech + Society fellows; Finalizing F+A content for new ‘what we fund’ section of the website; MOSS program evaluation kicks off; Build out EOY fellowship cohort event(s)/comms plan; Continue to map out possible supports for initial slate of the ProtoLab; Continue to move forward with HBCU+RCS funding proposal and work on next steps of the program
  • Finance & Ops: VAT Netherlands meeting, 3rd quarter MZLA tax estimates due, Deloitte 990 Workbook meeting, finalize consulting project on budgeting process, RSM contract - discussion on terms of service
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Follow-up from leadership planning kick-off, Summer Friday survey analysis, prep for September monthly MoFo call; engagement survey evaluation planning
  • HR: Preparing to launch phase 1 of the Job Description audit; Onboarding new hires
  • Engagement: Continuing development on publications tool, PNI design, YouTube regrets, Data Futures Lab, Misinfo Monday, News Beat
  • ED: Follow up from leadership planning kick-off; Data Futures Lab funding meeting

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • There was no executive team meeting last week. We'll be sharing back outputs from the leadership planning kick-off soon. In addition to weekly executive team meetings, we'll also be transitioning from monthly to weekly leadership team meetings in H2 to support planning, and will include notes from those calls in this email as well.

Job Openings

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