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This page provides an archive for Mozilla Foundation roadmap materials. It has been created to people can see major changes in the planning framework over time.

April 2009

the following is archived material from the April 2009 version of the Mozilla Foundation roadmap process.


The Mozilla Foundation Vision and Roadmap will be developed by staff, board and community members throughout 2009. The rough process looks like this:


April 2009 update: As noted above, the initial strawman and brainstorming process are now complete. We're now in a piloting and experimenting phase. We will loop back for a strategic review and visioning in September 2009.

Strawman - Role and Programs

In late 2008, we developed a 'strawman' description of Mozilla Foundation role and programs as a way to gather input and stimulate discussion.

The 'role' section of the strawman proposed two primary functions for the Foundation:

  1. support system for the Mozilla Project and
  2. manager of programs that go 'beyond software' to promote Mozilla's values.

These roles are illustrated here:


There was general agreement that these are the right roles for the Foundation. During 2009, the team is focused on building its skills in these two areas.

The 'program' section of the strawman identified five possible program areas for the Foundation to focus on:

  • Mozilla Education: Help people learn about Mozilla's open, participatory and distributed way of working. Build on the Seneca model, with students participate directly in Mozilla development, but do it at scale.
  • Mozilla Research: Solve big open web tech and user problems that no one else will tackle. Mozilla's main role is to frame the questions, provide infrastructure and build networks of researchers.
  • Movement building: Engage millions of people as promoters the open internet, providing concrete ways to participate in projects like Mozilla even if they don't have technical skills.
  • Accessibility: Drive web accessibility for people with disabilities into the mainstream of web development, and continue to support open source accessibility projects that have potential to really scale.
  • Community Support: Provide support for smaller Mozilla, open source and free culture projects, helping them to build community and sustainability.

During early 2009, we are experimenting with most of these ideas in one way or another. The Foundation's 2009 operational plan and the Foundation wiki provide details and offer status updates.