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  • Promote greater awareness of Mozilla education efforts and serve instructors, students, and mentors by providing a central location for all things related to Mozilla education.


Traditionally the major (and for the most part the only) activities related to Mozilla education have been at Seneca College. Seneca maintains its own wiki to host information on its own courses, instructional materials, and other resources. The Seneca wiki contains a wealth of material of potential interest to other institutions wishing to create their own Mozilla courses.

However the Seneca wiki has some disadvantages as a general site for Mozilla education:

  • It mixes Mozilla resources with non-Mozilla resources (e.g., for Seneca's Fedora-related classes).
  • It is not that findable from the official Mozilla sites, and its status as an officially-endorsed (by Mozilla) site is unclear.
  • Other institutions may be reluctant to use the wiki directly in their own Mozilla-related initiatives for various reasons:
    • The site is Seneca-branded and not under either the Mozilla brand or the institution's own brand.
    • The licenses on the various information resources are not always apparent, so it's not always 100% clear which resources can be re-used and in what way.

We therefore see an opening for an official Mozilla site to serve the function of an official Mozilla repository of education-related materials, a function for which the Seneca wiki is less suited. The site can serve other functions as well.

It is worth noting that in 2002 Mozilla University was set up as a place to gather education related content for the community. We may want to survey what was done then and analyze what worked, what didn't and what lessons we can learn from this.


  • More institutions, instructors, and students will take advantage of Mozilla-related educational resources if they can find them in one central location with official Mozilla endorsement, easily findable from other Mozilla sites.

Desired outcomes

  • Instructors, students, and others have access to a comprehensive, easily discoverable, openly-licensed set of instructional materials for use in creating Mozilla courses or learning about Mozilla.
  • The EDMO site directly supports on-line access to the Mozilla community courses and related instructional activities.

How it will work


The (EDMO) initiative will create a Mozilla Education library a) under a domain, b) with official Mozilla endorsement, and c) promoted on other Mozilla sites. This would make it easy to find resources like:

  • The Real World Mozilla and Mozilla Developer Resource Kit materials developed at Seneca.
  • Moodle-based course materials developed through the URJC courses in Madrid.
  • Suggestions on how to use existing resources like and the Mozilla slide library in educational contexts.
  • Information on how to get started as a student or professor interested in Mozilla (e.g. Seneca project pool, campus reps program, etc.)

All the materials in this library would be openly licensed so that students and professors can use or adapt for their own courses. They would also be able to upload or link to their own Mozilla materials.

Most if not all of the materials on the proposed site would be created as a byproduct of the other proposed activities. These materials could also be made available and promoted through existing OER portals. The Mozilla Education library would also provide a window into the other Mozilla education activities listed above.

Over time the EDMO site could evolve into a first-class resource for the Mozilla and academic communities, supplementing static resources with interactive web-based Mozilla courses (e.g., for the Community Courses program) and other education-related applications.

The site would be created in at least three separate phases:

1. Basic portal to external Mozilla educational resources

    • Establish the domain and point it to a landing page on an existing Mozilla site such as,, or
    • Populate the page (or set of pages) with a comprehensive initial set of links to existing Mozilla educational resources and related information.
    • Where needed add supplemental information about licensing, etc.
    • Link to the site from other Mozilla sites and ensure it is easily findable via Mozilla sites, external sites such as, or search engines.
    • Allow others to add their own links, information (e.g., via a wiki mechanism), with review of contributed materials as needed.

2. Hosting site for official Mozilla courses

    • Create a standalone site for, with its design based on an existing Mozilla site (i.e., to be able to reuse site templates, etc.).
    • Host resources associated with the Mozilla Community Courses and other in-house initiatives.
  • Where appropriate, host copies of external resources (e.g., with Mozilla branding, QA)

3. (Post-2009) Elevate to be a first-class Mozilla site, analogous to AMO, SUMO, etc.

    • Provide dedicated EDMO staff.
    • Do a comprehensive EDMO redesign to give it its own look and feel.
    • Implement an AMO-style system for submission and user review of contributed resources.
    • Support additional site capabilities, e.g., being able to stream live video and audio of courses.
    • Where possible and appropriate, implement ways to more tightly integrate Mozilla tools (Bugzilla, etc.) into EDMO-based courses.

Related activities

The proposed EDMO initiative is focused primarily on Mozilla-related educational resources and activities of general interest. We anticipate that Seneca College will continue to maintain its own wiki for its own use, and that other institutions teaching Mozilla-related courses will have their own sites as well. EDMO will link to those sites where appropriate, and vice versa.

In general EDMO will not host educational resources and activities related to non-Mozilla projects, and will not host general educational resources available on other sites. However again EDMO will link to those sites where appropriate, and will encourage other sites to promote EDMO as a central source for Mozilla-related educational resources.

The following third-party sites are targeted for cross-linking and/or promotion of EDMO as noted:

  • OER Commons, a directory of open educational resources in a wide variety of disciplines and intended for a wide variety of grade levels. OER Commons does not host its own material but is instead a portal to resources hosted elsewhere. We could use OER Commons as a place to store descriptions of EDMO offerings and make them easily findable by others using OER Commons as a way to discover new material.
  •, a nascent site aiming to collect a wide variety of resources relating to teaching FOSS development practices. We could use this site to promote Mozilla-related resources and also link to it as a resource for general FOSS education topics.
  • [any others?]

Other sites of interest include:

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