Fuzzyfox report December§ 2012

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Reporter User:Fuzzyfox
Date December 2012
Recruits 0
Past Items This being the final week of University for the term (and so there being a lot of deadlines). As well as being the holiday season for many (self included). I have taken this month off in all honesty Other than showing some support for the Mozilla Anti-SOPA/PIPA and the Mozilla Challenge activities I have done nothing more than fix my parents computer and ensure that Firefox is running on the machines as well as it possibly can (setting up features like sync and some addons).

This being said I have taken some more thought on a meetup in January... and I will be doing one late January in Canterbury near (or if I can at) the University Of Kent, United Kingdom.

Next Items A meetup near (or at) the University Of Kent, United Kingdom.