Fuzzyfox report November 2011

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Reporter User:Fuzzyfox
Date November 2011
Recruits 3 to mozilla community (not to reps)
Past Items I have:
  • Attended Mozilla Festival and Mozilla Camp Europe.
  • Gave some posters relating to mobile test drivers and Mozilla release cycle to university (to be put in CS common room for 2012 terms).
  • Continued spreading the good word by mouth and some of the old Mozilla brochures (still relevant even if key events only go to Firefox 3).
  • Spoke with the university Microsoft Rep who told me that their swag an reps program does not run as efficiently/smoothly as our one appears to.
Next Items *Ongoing help with BarCamp Canterbury in regard to Mozilla involvement.
  • Organise a Mozilla social event (maybe a mozpub) in Canterbury and Brighton (the later is not 100% right now).
  • Join the Com's SIG
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