Fvargaspf report October 2011

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Reporter User:Fvargaspf
Date October 2011
Recruits 4
Past Items -> I participated the distribution of materials Mozilla with Marcelo Araldi in V Seminário Academico in Faculty IMED.

-> Made a Template with TELASOCIAL (https://github.com/fvargaspf/TelaSocial_IMED2011-2) in V Seminário Academico in Faculty IMED. This is a project of Marcio Galli (https://github.com/taboca/)

-> I developed my first add-on link it's here (https://addons.mozilla.org/pt-BR/firefox/addon/brokenlink/)

Next Items Make a new version of my add-on

Promove Mozilla in my blog and my city. Make a study of Mozilla Collections

Event: Attended V Seminário Academico de Sistems de Informação as Participant

Link: Publication of news about my participation in Mozilla Reps in portal academic of IMED in Passo Fundo - RS - Brazil