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Design Specs

For the latest UX specifications, please visit:

Use Cases

  • Tom has family and friends in Asia and keeps in touch with them every few months - he loves using the Alarm app to help him keep track of time zone differences so he make sure to call them at a appropriate time of the day
  • Tom no longer owns an alarm clock and solely relies on his mobile phone as an alarm clock to wake himself up each day
  • Tom has a diverse schedule and needs to set different alarm times throughout the weekdays and weekends. He is able to customize the alarms with different labels and sounds.
  • Tom likes to sleep in, especially on the weekends, and uses the snooze button so he can see how his dream ends.
  • Because Tom loves to cook, he finds it very convenient that his phone offers him the ability to use the timer feature in the Alarm app so he doesn't overcook his meals


Gaia v1
  • Clock home page
    • Show current time
    • Show all active alarms
  • Alarm clock:
    • Set an alarm
      • Set time using the time picker
      • Set repeat option:
        • Select individual days (Monday, Tuesday, ... Saturday, Sunday)
        • All days are unselected by default
      • Set snooze time:
        • Select 5 (default), 10, 20, or 30 minutes
      • Set alarm label option:
        • Default string is "Alarm", or overwrite with your own label
      • Set alarm sound:
        • Select from our predefined list of sounds
      • Set alarm color:
        • Select from our predefined list of colors
      • Delete alarm
    • Set multiple alarms
      • Add new alarm
      • Turn alarms on and off from the clock home page (alarms are on by default)
      • Each alarm should show:
        • Time (e.g.6:50pm or 18:50)
        • Label string
        • Repeat state (e.g. Weekdays, Weekends, Mon, Tue, Wed)
        • Alarm color
        • Alarm on/off state
        • Press and hold to delete
      • After setting an alarm, show a countdown indicator: "This alarm is set for 10 hour and 20 minutes from now."
  • Lock screen
    • Indicator that there is an upcoming alarm set
      • Alarm icon and color
      • Alarm time
    • When the alarm goes off
      • Show alarm icon and color
      • Show alarm label
      • Show alarm time
      • Show big snooze button
        • Tap to close alarm dialog
        • Show "Snooze for n minutes" toast
      • Show big stop button
  • Time Zones
    • Set time zone automatically, but allow user to override
  • Time Format
    • Obey system 24/12 hr setting
  • Alarm Sounds
    • Alarm sound should gradually fade up (10-30 seconds) so it's not jarring when it goes off (wake up scenario)
Gaia v2
  • Clock
    • Select clock themes (styles, analog, large size, etc.)
    • Display date
    • Display weather
    • World clocks
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
    • Sound for the timer should not gradually fade up like the alarm clock


Security Review

The security review of this app can be found here.