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General info

  • Members
    • Jose Manuel Cantera
    • Sergi Mansilla
    • Michal Budzynski
    • Francisco Jordano
  • Meetings:
    • Daily happening on IRC currently on channel #fxos-comms at 11:00 CET
    • Subteam sprint planning: last day before the global sprint planning, IRC on channel #fxos-contacts at 10:00 CET
  • Holidays:
    • Sergi Mansilla: 11th - 14th August
    • Francisco Jordano: 7th - 13th August
    • Jose Cantera: 15th August - 10th September

List of bugs

Contacts issues for this sprint

Bugzilla link

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Sprint planning

Daily meetings

08th August

Present: Michal, Sergi, Francisco, José Manuel


Working on ICE contacts


Working on new Contacts Form



José Manuel

Working on the proof of concept of new contact search based on indexedDB. Still the index is too big and currently investigating on how to make it smaller.



Actions taken from last sprint

  • Kanban style seems that is working, we are just picking stuff from the most priority queue that is 2.1 features in this case.
  • Work on the wiki on the way, starting using it, but we need to measure this, once all the team is working.

Things that went well

  • Clarity on UX specs.
  • Clear vision on what do we have to do.
  • We were on holidays \o/
  • We focus on 2.1 features.

Things that went not that well

  • We didn't achieve the objectives for this sprint.
  • The team fail to communicate internally the status of ICE feature.
  • There were 2.1 remaining features appearing this sprint.
  • We need better communication when setting a blocker or the drivers setup a blocker.
  • A bit of a mess between the bugs created by engineering and ux for tracking the features.

Actions for this sprint

  • Continue the work on the wiki page