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Design Specs

For the latest UX specifications, please visit: https://mozilla.box.com/applications


Gaia v1
  • User has the ability to swipe through the thumbnail view of photos
  • Full screen view of photos
  • User has the ability to pan between photos in full screen view
  • User has the ability to delete one or multiple photos at the same time
  • Pull photos from both on-board storage as well as the SD card (if applicable)
  • User has the current sharing capabilities (ability up to select 5 photos if the service supports multi-photo sharing):
    • Create an extensible menu for adding app services
    • Email is going to be a P1
    • Social Networks/Storage services will be P2
  • User has the ability to set the wallpaper with any photo
  • User has the ability to set a specific contact with any photo
  • Respect exif orientation data when viewing photo in full and thumbnail view
  • User has the ability to export/copy photos off the device when plugged into a desktop machine
    • This should appear on the desktop like a USB thumbnail drive and the user can access the 'Photos' directory
  • Photo Editing
    • Exposure Compensation
    • Basic Cropping (freeform aspect ratio)
    • Basic Effects (B&W, Sepia)
    • Basic Borders (B&W thin and thick)
  • Bluetooth sharing
    • Ability to share photos via Bluetooth file transfer.
Gaia v2
  • User has the ability to move photos from SD card to on-board storage directory
  • User has the ability to create collection of photos
  • User has the ability to click 'play' to view a slideshow of photos
  • Photo Editing
    • Cropping with fixed aspect ration options
    • Fancy Effects
    • Fancy Borders
    • Photo Captions

Issues/Risks & Dependencies

  • Media Storage API? bug 717103
  • Orientation API?
  • Web Intents?


Security Review

The security review of this app can be found here.