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  • Welcome James Lal to the Gaia team.


  • M2.5 release wraps up today -- thanks to everyone for the hard work the last few days!
  • RC3 for M2.5 tagged this morning ~7AM, and QA is verifying fixes for the key blockers
    • Status to be updated after Gaia meeting
  • Team will begin planning for M3 Alpha milestone targeting 6/1

I think it would be helpful for everyone to list the current status of their dev environment: do you have a working phone? What model? Do you have a working b2g-desktop? If so, are you using offline cache or a local web server? Are you on mac or linux? Sure, this is a good idea. Blocker issues:

  • Gaia #1020 is still being worked on
  • Gaia Updater looks to be broken (Fabrice may have a fix)
  • For SGS2, the lock screen isn't unlockable -- here is a workaround (thx kanru!)
   adb push glue/gonk/device/samsung/galaxys2/idc /system/usr/idc
  • MozSettings has regressed -- data is stored and it requires a reboot for the change to go into effect
    • Vivien will file a bug and already has a patch to fix it

Other change:

  • Remove the Gallay link from the Camera App (need to file an issue, Ben can make the change)

Status updates

  • benfrancis
    • Working on browser requirements for M3 with UX & discussing future of browser API
    • Helping with mozapps effort & bugfixing
    • Next: More bugfixes, improving the Gaia wiki?
  • mdas
    • marionette server code and the marionette client code have both landed in m-c. We're going to be working on a simple 'make marionette' command that will run through your tests using marionette.
    • Will also update documentation with tutorials on how to use marionette and how to write/structure your tests. Current documentation proves to be a bit confusing and incomplete
  • djf
    • Current dev environment status:
      • phone: Galaxy S2: not working. I can build, but its not responding to touch events, so I can't unlock the home screen
      • b2g-desktop: Mac: offline cache does not work and never has. I can kind of use a local web server environment, but the b2g http cache interferes and I haven't figured out how to clear the cache except by blowing away my entire profile. So doing any gaia development or testing is slow and painful
    • On Friday I performed the world's first web app installation onto B2G!
    • Since then, nothing has worked, so I've basically stopped being a Gaia/JS developer and have become a makefile and shell script debugger
    • Blockers:
      • I still don't have a sim card, so even if my phone was working, I wouldn't be able to test anything having to do with SMS or Dialer
      • To use b2g desktop productively, I need the offlinecache to work on the Mac, or an easy way to clear the HTTP cache so that I can edit an app and try it out without deleting and recreating a profile
  • justindarc
  • etienne
    • (not landed) work on desktop-notifications
    • Bugfixes for the dialer/contacts
    • Polishing for the 2.5 milestone
    • A bit of initial groundwork for the flexible UI stuffs
  • kazé
    • l10n library okay, homescreen now properly localized but other apps only appear in English because of the Settings regression
    • l10n repository on github:
    • wifi should be okay (+ signal-level notification in the homescreen) but there are still a few rough edges to polish w/ mrbkap
  • UX (Josh, Patryk, Casey)
    • Wrapped up Toronto week
    • Going to Paris April 1—14
    • Working towards May 1 delivery of as much Interaction Design as possible, and Visual Design base.
    • After May 1, we will focus on tweaks to Interaction Design, and finalize Visual Design.
    • Gaia version sync: Very important: we need to get UX synced with Devs. Same Gaia builds on both sides. Preferably on phone, but in-browser also possible. Very important for coordination. Devs update, UX provides feedback, etc.
    • Weekly UX Meeting: Wednesday, first one tomorrow, of weekly series. Goal tomorrow is to meet w/ team stakeholders and confirm (for M3) requirements, resources, timeline/process, expectations, communications.
    • UI Library discussion
    • Discuss UX and Dev communication strategy - solicitation for ideas
    • Flexible UI discussion, Initial Feature Spec Compiled
    • Firefox: design process started (UX: Patryk, Ian, Lariss, Dev: Ben, Eng: Justin Lebar).
    • Music App: Patryk working on, Initial Feature Spec Compiled
    • Notifications: Initial Feature Spec Compiled
    • Wiki:
  • Pavel
    • Will begin on the flexible UI prototypes
  • QA (John, Geo)
    • Taking candidate builds as they come and qualifying for M2.5 release
    • Because issue system doesn't allow for this particular filtering, the more info we can get about what specifically has been fixed in each candidate, the better.
    • need dev support on testing gaia updater work when that lands. (working with fabrice)
  • Product (clee)
  • fzzzy (donovan)
    • Got linux box set up, compiling, flashing phone, all good
    • Got ArrayBuffer support in TCPSocket working
    • Discussed with James and Vivien the plan for easing development environment and testing setup
    • Talked to asuth about TCPSocket
  • harry
  • timdream
  • lightsofapollo (James Lal)
    • Started 3/26 based out of mv
    • Working on building gonk & flashing my phone
    • Will be working on Gaia - Looking into email and marketplace apps
    • (And fixing my Mic )
  • Nairsaab
    • I wish to join project