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Pull Requests

Merged with master:

  • ux-2013-01-04-cherry-picked
  • ux-2012-12-28-cherry-picked
  • ux-2012-12-21-cherry-picked
  • ux-2012-12-14-cherry-picked
  • ux-2012-11-29-cherry-picked


  • Update the UX Branch Daily by fetching and merging from upstream/master
  • Review pull requests 2-3 times a week
    • Check bug in Bugzilla.
    • Priority is given to commits that address bugs targeted for uxbranch
    • Add Status Whiteboard "uxbranch" (if it doesn't have the tag already)
    • Only one commit per fix!
    • Make sure commit message is in correct format and has a bug number. If commit message is incorrect, we must make sure to fix it when we cherry-pick the commit at the end of the week (see below). If necessary, apply as patch and fix commit message.
    • Review patch, understand risk-level of patch
    • Apply patch locally and test on-device
    • If all is OK, merge pull request. Then, in Bugzilla:
      • Add Status Whiteboard "landed in uxbranch"
      • Add a link to the commit in your comment
  • Create a pull request for landed, qa-verified bugs every week.
    • Cherry pick commits verified by QA and merged into UX, but not yet in master. Prefer cherry-picking the original commit instead of the merge commit.
    • Issue pull request.
    • Include links to bugs in pull request message.

Note: you can get the original commit for a merge by clicking on the right-hand parent commit.


To keep commit history clean, sometimes it makes sense to use git patch instead of merging a pull request. When patching, use git am to preserve the original commit details.