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Are You In The Right Place?

This wiki is concerned with development of the Gecko rendering engine itself. If you are a Web developer (building Web pages, sites, apps, etc.) and have questions about (X)HTML, XUL, CSS, DOM, or JavaScript then go to the Mozilla Developer Center.


Scheduling and Roadmaps

Feature Planning / Specs

Most feature planning should happen in Bugzilla, but for some things it's easier to map out a spec on the wiki first.

Developer Resources

Frame inheritance hierarchy (dated May 18, 2008)

Mozilla's Layout Engine (Presentation by L. David Baron) (dated Thursday, December 14, 2006, 13:30 PST

Gecko:Miscellaneous Notes Random documentation we don't yet know how to categorize.

Gecko:Task List If you're familiar with Gecko code and want to contribute.

Gecko:Testing Tasks if you're interested in getting started by helping with testing Gecko

Gecko:Getting Started If you're just beginning.

Gecko:Overview work-in-progress documentation giving an overview of how Gecko works

Gecko:Frequently Asked Questions Developers' FAQ.

Gecko:Wish List Architecture and implementation ideas.

Gecko:Content Team Minutes Agenda and minutes from the Content Team

Gecko:Layout Improvements Architectural improvements we should make in layout. Also see Gecko:Compositor

Gecko:Moving Plugins To Content

Gecko:Small Device Support

Gecko:Obsolete API

New stringbundle APIs

Font selection and Font selection/Default fonts

Gecko/XUL Box Model


Gecko:GPU Acceleration

Related Resources

XUL development happens at XUL:Home Page.