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Are You In The Right Place?

Web Developer? This wiki is concerned with development of the Gecko browser engine itself. If you are a Web developer (building Web pages, sites, apps, etc.) and have questions about (X)HTML, XUL, CSS, DOM, or JavaScript then go to the Mozilla Developer Network.

Want to hack on Gecko? The Developer Guide is probably what you are looking for.


Feature Planning / Specs

Most feature planning should happen in Bugzilla, but for some things it's easier to map out a spec on the wiki first.

Developer Resources

Contributing to the Mozilla codebase If you're just beginning.

Frame inheritance hierarchy (dated May 18, 2008)

Mozilla's Layout Engine (Presentation by L. David Baron) (dated Thursday, December 14, 2006, 13:30 PST

Gecko:Miscellaneous Notes Random documentation we don't yet know how to categorize.

Gecko:Task List If you're familiar with Gecko code and want to contribute.

Gecko:Testing Tasks if you're interested in getting started by helping with testing Gecko

Gecko:Overview work-in-progress documentation giving an overview of how Gecko works

Gecko:Frequently Asked Questions Developers' FAQ.

Gecko:Wish List Architecture and implementation ideas.

Gecko:Content Team Minutes Agenda and minutes from the Content Team

Gecko:Layout Improvements Architectural improvements we should make in layout. Also see Gecko:Compositor

Gecko:Moving Plugins To Content

Gecko:Small Device Support

Gecko:Obsolete API

New stringbundle APIs

Font selection and Font selection/Default fonts

Gecko/XUL Box Model


Gecko:GPU Acceleration

Gecko:Fullscreen API

Related Resources

XUL development happens at XUL:Home Page.