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XUL (XML User Interface Language) is Mozilla's XML-based language that lets you build feature-rich cross platform application. This wiki is used to propose new features and enhancements for XUL and the Mozilla platform. Questions and requests on gecko in general are discussed at Gecko:Home Page.


XUL Improvements 
list of XUL features to implement, ordered by complexity
XUL Prioritized Task List 
older prioritized list of XUL features to implement (a bit out-of-date)
New Widget Specifications 
ideas and specifications of new widgets
discuss features to add to XUL
Bugs in Existing Features 
significant bugs in the implementation of XUL that should be fixed for 2.0
information about how the grid element should work

XUL Templates

XUL:Template Features in 1.9 
XUL templates in 1.9
plan for templates
XUL:Templates with XML 
using XML as the data for a template

Older XUL Templates Discussion

XUL:Xul Templates 
general discussion
proposal to use XSLT to generate content
thoughts about template builder architecture

XUL Trees

discussion on proposed feature for better access to tree cells
XUL:Trees_View vs Controller 
separation of tree view interface from controller interface
editable tree

XUL Menus

discussion of XUL "master menu" plan
XUL:Menus Groups 
discussion of groups within menus to allow for easier extensibility.
how XUL popups work and how to improve them

Xul Runner

XULRunner is a single installable package that can be used to bootstrap multiple XUL+XPCOM applications that are as rich as Firefox and Thunderbird.

General Discussion

opening windows across multiple platforms and locales
XUL:Element APIs 
issues surrounding existing element APIs
XUL:Common Problems 
problems that developers commonly have with existing XUL
XUL:Remove Privilege 
a list of xpcom object that you want use in unprivilege script
XUL:Canvas Tag 
info about a xul canvas tag
XUL:XPath in Overlays 
proposal to allow XPath in overlays
XUL:Challenges of Remote XUL 
Exploration of remote xul application
XUL architecture documents
proposal about -moz-stack-sizing CSS attribute