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There is bug 212342 about Gecko:Web DAV support in Mozilla.

There are entries on Darin's and Robert's blog, too.

I see two directions where we need discussion, one would be the possible uses of Gecko:Web DAV in Mozilla or Firefox and the rest of the gang, the other would be how to factor the required code and how to expose it.

Documents: Web, RFC 2518, RFC 3253, RFC 3744

Use cases

  • publishing in editor and NVu
  • publishing in calendar
  • basis for support of protocols like CalDAV
  • data exchange in the office
  • remote profiles
  • launching third party Gecko:Web DAV enabled apps (e.g.: openoffice passing the URL, not a temp file)
  • viewing webDAV server contents (e.g.: Apache/moddav, iDisk, Stellent Content Server etc.)

Each of these need details, and a list of required Gecko:Web DAV features.

Exposed API

Suggestions I have seen so far are

  • component implementing a scriptable interface, like xmlrpc or other xmlextras
  • mapping of Gecko:Web DAV features into a RDF datasource
  • implementation of nsIFile (nsGecko:Web DAVFile) would seem natural (would this give us the RDF data source for "free"?)

I probably missed quite a few, and this is far from giving anybody a idea what to do, I guess.