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Much of this page has been merged into Firefox3/Gecko Feature List.

At the 4/20/2006 dev.platform/content meeting we discussed the idea of shooting for early June to get a set of builds together for widepread testing and feedback on the current state of the trunk. We will need more work on the blocking bug lists, more updates on the landing plan, and some more feedback accross the project to see if the early June stake in the ground makes sense.

Getting to a widespread Alpha testing release involves:

  • assembling some level of features that would be interesting to get testing feeback on,
  • getting builds that are stable, usable, regression proof, and in good enough shape that they can be used long enough to get good depth and breath testing. Any bugs that would block this kind of usage need to be dealt with.

Bug Lists

Links to Alpha blocker nominations and approvals that would get us to a set of usable builds are provided here:

Feature Decisions

This need discussion, review, and decisions.

Status of feature landings:

The table below has the large features that either have already landed in Gecko 1.9 or are planned to land. The list may not be complete; please add as needed if you're working on something or planning to. The list should primarily include architecture changes that are either considered blockers for 1.9 or have significant regression risk (or both). may have inspiration for things to include (assuming they're actually being worked on or planned). Please do NOT add pure wishlist items to the list -- if it's not being worked on or seriously planned, it shouldn't be here.

(biesi) See also Necko

See also Firefox3/Gecko Feature List --Jesse.

Feature Status Owner(s) Estimated landing date Estimated regressions fixed date
cocoa widgets Landed. josh 2006-09-28 December 2006
cairo on Mac by default Landed.


vlad and stuart 2006-11-21  ????
Fix units in Gecko Landed. Eli Friedman 2007-02-06  ????
thebes APIs in nsTextFrame Progressing Stephen Blackheath and roc  ????  ????
Reflow branch Landed. dbaron 2006-12-07  ????
Residual style revamp Needs to be started mrbkap  ????  ????
Incremental XML parser Landed. Henri Sivonen 2007-01-30  ????
View removal Blocked on Widget removal (bug 370379 helped?) roc  ????  ????
Widget removal Blocked on Hoist plugins and Sync content managers roc  ????  ????
Sync content managers Blocked on Implement Compositor roc  ????  ????
Hoist plugins Blocked on Implement Compositor roc  ????  ????
Implement Compositor Progressing (will not be ready for 1.9) roc  ????  ????
XPCOM restart blocked on XPCOM Shutdown (ongoing) (bsmedberg knows what needs to be done but can't do it all himself) bsmedberg  ????  ????
XPCOM Cycle Collector Landed. graydon 2007-01-04  ????
Firefox on XULRunner Needs release engineering and installer work. bsmedberg nightly builds available 2006-05-26
Made default builds 2006-06-15
Language-agnostic DOM Landed. Regressions markh,jst 2006-06-12  ????
Killing nested event queues Landed. Regressions darin 2006-05-10  ????
Caret painting rewrite Landed. Regressions. mrbkap 2006-04-17  ????
cairo on Windows by default Landed. Regressions vlad and stuart 2006-02-22  ????
cairo on Unix by default Landed. Regressions vlad and stuart 2006-04-05  ????
<object> loading from content Landed. Followups and regressions. biesi 2005-09-21  ????
Frame Display Lists Landed. Regressions roc 2006-01-25  ????
Event dispatch centralization Landed. Regressions. smaug 2006-03-07  ????
null principals Landed. Followups and regressions. bzbarsky 2006-04-02  ????