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GitHub Enterprise SAML Issues

This page is a landing spot from Auth0 if there's been an error authenticating your SAML connection with GitHub

There are several things needed in your account in in order to successfully SAML with GitHub, and other settings that may lead to problems with SAML authentication to GitHub organizations with Mozilla IP.

If you're confused about what this is all about, we have a FAQ - There are pre-reqs in that page that you almost certainly already meet.

If you've been logging in using SAML previously, and end up here, check membership

Rarely, will lose track of your groups. The website will show membership, but the underlying systems won't. Which will lead you here when logging into github.

  1. Go to and verify that the group "mozilliansorg_ghe_<ORGNAME>_users" exists for whichever ORGNAME you're logging into
  2. From the URL of this page, please record the "dbg=XXXX" value and include that in the bug filed via this template
  3. If there's no "dbg=XXXX" - include that information in the bug/contact so we know this is a different concern.

Contacting us if it's NOT a "dbg=XXXX" issue

Record the URL of the page you get sent to (this one) as it should have some debug data in the URL. Then reach out to us:

  • Best - bugzilla bug for GitHub Administration
  • We're on matrix in the #github-admin channel
  • Email to