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GitHub Enterprise SAML Issues

This page is a Landing spot from Auth0 if there's been an error authenticating your SAML connection with GitHub

There are several potential configuration issues with your account in, and other settings that may lead to problems with SAML authentication to Mozilla related GitHub organizations.

Linking your account to your GitHub ID

In your profile on you need to have your identity from GitHub connected and verified.

  1. Log onto your profile
  2. Scroll down until you see the "Identities" section
  3. Click on the pencil icon to edit it.
  4. Click on "+ Identities"
  5. Select "GitHub" from the dropdown menu and click "VERIFY"
    1. Note, you can also link your Bugzilla ID here.
  6. You should be taken to GitHub to log in and verify your ID.
    1. You may see a button to “Authorize Mozilla” - Click that.
  7. Get back to your people.m.o profile, and edit the identities (Steps 1-5)

This linkage does NOT change anything in your GitHub account, merely allowing Mozilla staff to see the connection between your GitHub ID and your people account.

Being a member of the correct groups in

If you want to SAML to a GitHub organization named <ORGNAME> you'll need to belong to a group in named "GHE_<ORGNAME>_users" - so if "mozilla-it" is the org, "GHE_mozilla-it_users" is the group.

  1. Log into and look at the access groups here
  2. Search for the group in question
  3. Click on the group name
  4. Click on "Request Invitation" - a curator of the group may reach out to you with any questions
  5. If your invitation is approved, you'll receive an email for confirmation, and you'll be a member of the group.

If nothing works

There are several ways to reach out to us

  • Best - bugzilla bug for GitHub Administration
  • We're on matrix in the #github-admin channel
  • Email to