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Meeting Details


Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions
  • Thanks to Richard for hooking these meetings up to Air Mozilla
  • Million Mozillians goal in 2014
    • Increase active contributors to our target initiatives by 10x (based on the 2,000 people invited to 2013 Summit)
    • Evolution from meetup goals discussions at meetup
    • Where will all those contributors find opportunities?
    • How does this organizational goal inform the goals process for your team?
  • Working Group updates
    • 2 minute update from each group
    • Where is each group keeping track of what they're working on?
      • New roadmap and progress tracking wiki pages are coming soon
      • Events group will be setting up a meeting this month - stay tuned.

  • Book club
  • Data Privacy Day update (Stacy Martin)

Action Items and Notes