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Meeting Details


Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions from new people
  • Working Group lightning updates (Larissa)
    • Estimated Length: 10 minutes
  • Update on 10x growth goal for year (David)
    • Estimated Length: 10 minutes
    • Q2 is when we need to start showing impact of organization's investment
    • Showcase the community growth in key focus areas to the organization
    • Launch contribution dashboard that tracks activity for major systems used by key focus areas
    • Successfully feature contribution pathways for key focus areas at MozCamp Asia
    • Create roadmap for Get Involved page and create a concept for a major redesign to launch in Q3
  • 2 MozLove t-shirts as opportunity to have everyone help with community building (David)
  • --New Topic-- (Presenter)
    • Estimated length:
    • Relevant links:

Action Items and Notes