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Meeting Details


Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions from new people
  • Working Group lightning updates (Jennie)
  • Update on discussion with other non-profits about possible pilot projects (Alissa)
  • Creating a contributor persona (Larissa)
  • Volunteer agreement (David)
    • Thanks for the feedback at the last call. Elaine has incorporated changes on the Google Doc
    • Next steps: Blog and share out at Monday's project call. Add it to and Get Involved opt-in at the Get Involved relaunch in Q3
  • Connecting with contributors at scale
    • Home page promos
    • Nightly first run page: Redesign project underway with goal of having a localized version live in early July. (David)
      • Audience: ~15k daily page views with spikes up to 40k daily page views during Firefox releases
      • Current Nightly first run page
      • Redesign bug
      • Redesign will be informed by this rough mockup that provides clear calls to action.

Nightly firstrun concept.jpg

  • --New Topic-- (Presenter)
    • Estimated length:
    • Relevant links:

Action Items and Notes