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Meeting Details

Note: The video and audio dial-in information has changed from previous meetings.


  • Introductions
  • Spotlighting local Mozilla communities
    • Vineel's video from 2010 Summit has gotten a refresh and has been added to our YouTube channel
    • Gen creating a new background for the Indonesian Firefox download page bug 766851) using photos of Indonesian community members (see mockup)
    • Other ideas?


Other items if there's time

  • Michelle's experience with support inquiries from Get Involved page
  • Update on the Favorite Add-ons contest (Amy Tsay)
  • Report back: Creating a contributor strategy for MozSpaces
  • Report back: Next steps for video footage from Summit
  • Report back: Town halls and giving contributors more of a voice
  • Question: How do you help people who just want to be assigned a task?
  • Question: How can we help events be more effective at bringing in contributors?
  • Question: How do you balance doing something yourself vs. helping someone do something?
  • Question: How can we get contributors involved in our web projects?
  • Question: How do you not lose track of people just starting to get involved?
  • Question: How do people deal with negative feedback and stop energy?
  • Feel free to add more questions or other agenda items...

Action Items and Notes