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Meeting Details


Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions
  • Community building workshops
  • Systems and Data update
    • BraveNewTalent feedback discussion available and was generally positive -- next step is call for pilot project
    • Workday demo scheduled for August 9th at 10 am pacific and Red Carpet (onboarding tool) August 23rd at 10 am pacific
  • VillageReach (William Quiviger)
    • VillageReach ( is an international NGO that aims to improve the performance and reliability of health systems in the most inaccessible and isolated parts of the world, particularly in Africa. They are extremely interested in learning best practices from Mozilla to create a vibrant developer community around software they're developing for robust data collection and reporting
    • To find out how you can help, contact William for more info.

Action Items and Notes