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Do you want to help make the experience at the summit the best yet? Then you are in the right place!

We've already got teams diligently working away on logistics, creative and content. Here is another opportunity to get involved. Below are four different tracks that will all help to shape the overall experience at the summit. There are many jobs, tasks and ways to help with each of these tracks.

Note: as we continue to build out what these events look like, the track leads will be filling out specific tasks/roles. Stay tuned for more updates via the summit blog. If your name is added below, the track lead will be reaching out to you shortly.

Social Events

Several Mozillians are helping lead this charge. For general questions ping Amie Tyrrel
UPDATE - If you are looking to join an event, you can now do that now or follow along as we continue to add events: signups here

Tell me more:

The tasks that live in this track are centered around many of the fun social events that will happen at each site. We are working to develop several activities that participants will be able to sign up to attend in advance. The activities will range from morning health & wellness (could it be Yoga? Zumba? Hikes? A hockey game?) to fun activities specific to that region: chocolate making in Brussels, CN tower tour in Toronto, or maybe Great America in Santa Clara.

How can I help:

If you are interested in helping with all things Social, we are currently looking for local site leads for each of our summit sites as well as a group of individuals to help during the summit.

NameSummit LocationComments
Flore AllemandouBrusselsI don't live in Brussels, but I speak french and I love organizing events for mozillians (10 year experience)
Lawrence MandelTorontoI'm looking to put together a shinny hockey game in Toronto
Netha Hussain BrusselsI am a medical student looking forward to set up a blood pressure clinic. I will also be around to teach article writing on Wikipedia.
Dirkjan OchtmanBrusselsWould be happy to take a group to a bikram yoga class.
Aashish Jagini BrusselsWould be great if I can get a chance to talk to people about the social issues and change that needs to be induced into people to overcome them (Would try to give an inspirational message ;)) Also , I can teach people Isha Kriya and Meditation
Erica Sackin Brussels I'm not super familiar with the location, but I would love to do yoga as well.
Leo McArdleBrusselsI'd love to see a Basketball match or mini tournament among Mozillians (myself included).
Rami KhaderTorontoPlanning to do Yogilates (Yoga mixed with Pilates) sessions and information how to overcome the jetlag.
Kim MoirTorontoHappy to lead people in a run every morning before the conference, have done it for other conferences before, lots of fun!
Roland Tanglao & Ludo HirlimannSanta ClaraPhotowalk! All welcome! 6:30 am on Friday @ the Hotel reception
Robert O'CallahanTorontoI'd like to get some Christians together to pray. Saturday 8am,conference room D</td></tr>
Gervase Markham</td>Brussels</td>Ditto.</td></tr>
Bill Walker</td>Santa Clara</td>I'm performing with the Roger Steen Band Saturday night at 8pm in nearby San Pedro Square Market in San Jose</td></tr>
Patrick Hundal</td>Toronto</td>I really feel like we need to beef up Toronto's local experiences. I have several ideas for things to do in Toronto, and I'm happy to help organize if I can coordinate with someone who is local. (Caveat: I'm Canadian and was born in Toronto, but haven't lived there since I was 10. ;) Here's some ideas I can help with:

- Photo walk of the distillery district (
- Beginner's presentation on Home Brewing (40min), followed by a tasting & tour at Mill Street Brewery (
- Photo walk of the Discovery District Street art ( </td></tr>




Karen Esterly

Hackspace Hours:

Santa Clara:

Sedona Room - Open 24 hours a day, beginning at 7 am on Thursday, until midnight on Sunday


Grand Foyer - Open 24 hours a day, beginning at 7 am on Thursday, until 8 pm on Sunday


Friday – 10 am – 10 pm – Hall 100
Saturday – 8 am – 12 am – Hall 100
Sunday – 8 am – 12 am – Hall 100

How can I help:

We need people to take the lead at summit in encouraging Hackspace events. There will be a whiteboard outside of each hackspace location for people to post their hackspace events, be it a movie, game or hacking!
NameSummit LocationComments
Luke Crouch (groovecoder)Santa ClaraI don't live in CA, but I can help.
Jeff Griffiths (canuckistani)BrusselsComing in from Vancouver, happy to help with hacking activities.
Nagasahas DS Santa Clara Happy to interact with people and host events on Hacking! and spreading the awareness of Cyber Crime
Ludovic HirlimannSanta ClaraKeysigning Party
Will Kahn-Greene (willkg)TorontoI'd be game for coordinating a hackspace for Open Badge related infrastructure: django-badger,, etc
Liz HenryTorontoWould like to set up big table for crafting in the hackspace
Havi HoffmanTorontoI love hackspaces. I can point people to tools and resources for getting started w/ Firefox OS Simulator and app hacking.
Tantek ÇelikSanta ClaraHow to get on the IndieWeb: I'd like an area/space where IndieWeb experts can help those who want to improve and iterate on their personal sites to move away from using silos and move towards owning their web identities and web data.

After you graduate from WebMaker, the IndieWeb teaches you how to get and use your own personal website.
Jon BuckleyTorontoHow to build Webmaker for Webmakers: I'd like to run a hackspace dedicated to getting people running on their machines and then building new features for or fixing existing bugs that bother them


David Boswell, Pierros Papadeas and Larissa Shapiro

Tell me more:

  • World Fair: Learning and sharing about all of the local communities that make up Mozilla
  • Innovation Fair: Exploring the creative ideas that lead Mozillians to build things which drive the web forward, serve our community and further our mission

Survival Guide: For those who are running a booth at the Summit, there is a Survival Guide available with tips and tricks to help you prepare.

How can I help: Stop by the booths (if you're not already there running one) and have conversations with the people who are showing off cool things there.

Site Hosts

Marcia Knous
Source of truth here: Site Hosts
Site host hoodie.png

Tell me more:

Tasks in this track involve being an ambassador for the site. A group of friendly faces that will assist in making sure the Summit Experience is a great experience for everyone. We will need 30 people (at least) at each of the sites who are social, like meeting people and really want to be in the mix of all things Summit during the event.

How can I help:

Visit Site Hosts and add your name. Shortly we will sending out a communication that will allow you to sign up for time slots at each site.