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What Is MozCamp?

MozCamps are a critical part of our Grow Mozilla program, aiming to energize, inform, and engage active and core contributors (both paid and non-paid) with an intensive, multiple-day summit featuring: keynote speakers, workshop trainings, and breakout sessions that occur in strategic locations around the world. All of these activities combine to reward contributors for their hard work, engage them with our new products and initiatives, and align all attendees on Mozilla's mission.

MozCamps are a key part of our Grow Mozilla program and are a crucial way for us to reinforce our identity as Mozillians.

In 2012, our objective is to host three MozCamps in key locations around the world. (Please see below for more information on the specific locations and dates of MozCamps in 2012).

MozCamp Goals

Read more about the 2012 MozCamp Goals here

MozCamp Content and Theme

Read more about MozCamp Content and 2012 theme here

Who Plans MozCamp?

Read more about the MozCamp Planning Committee here

Who Participates?

Read more about how to get involved with MozCamps here

2012 Dates and Locations

MozCamp Europe

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Date: September 8-9th

MozCamp Asia

  • Location: Singapore
  • Date: November 17-18
  • Wiki Page: TBD

How are Dates and Locations Determined

Read more about how the date and location are deciced here



We have an IRC channel on #mozcamp


To find more information on how to get involved with MozCamp please email: mozcamp[at]mozilla[dot]com or team-baked-goods [at] mozilla [dot] com

Past MozCamps


MozCamp Europe (Berlin, Germany):

MozCamp Asia (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):


MozCamp Latin America (Buenos Aires, Argentina):