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What is this all about?

More and more video games developers are starting to look at HTML5 as a key platform for future growth. With the upcoming release of our market place, we are already starting to see support requests coming in, many of which are difficult to resolve without changes to the platform. Games also tend to be a great driver of technology and have high expectation on quality of user experience. Looking at ways to address their needs in an open way will help us improve the platform and positively impact users far beyond just the video game industry, especially those looking to build media rich experiences. This work week is intended to help figure out our path forward and determine how these issues fit in with other priorities.

What's the Format

We have spoken with many of you in order to understand the specific outcomes you are wanting to achieve.

In order to most completely realize these outcomes, we are planning a very interactive and participant-driven agenda. We are prioritizing working sessions that take a "talk with" approach rather than a "talk at"/presentation format wherever possible.

The goal is to let all participants share equally in driving the dialog, with a focus on maximizing interaction and building collective understanding and concrete outcomes for everyone present. We believe this will enable us to provide answers and context surrounding our HTML5 gaming efforts while also inviting the feedback we are looking for from all participants.

The agenda will span 2 (we will repeat this process as the week progresses) and will be structured to a large degree around small-group "break-out" discussions. We will spend part of the first morning in an interactive plenary, comparing views on the full range of issues and mapping out priorities both for the work week and the longer term.

From there participants will move into smaller breakout groups on specific topics. Notes will be captured electronically where appropriate, in order for participants to learn about content for sessions they don't attend.

Each of the break-out sessions on the agenda will have one or more facilitators. These discussions will run 60-80 minutes, depending on the time slot, and will ideally generate some kind of output, such as a list of top priorities, understanding of a particular project, tool or architecture, opportunities in a particular context, or a list of needs or challenges in another.

During the event, we invite all participants to give us ongoing feedback as to whether the agenda is meeting your needs in real time. We also encourage a spirit of hacking the agenda; if you have ideas on how to further improve or parallize what we currently have planned, we are all ears.

What's the Schedule

13th, 14th Agenda - LDAP required

15th, 16th, 17th Agenda

Who's Coming?

The attendees will be mainly Mozilla staff and community members however some industry will also be present. The industry attendees' main goal will be to share their experiences with us to help us better understand how they work and what issues they need us to resolve.

When is it?

Feb 13th - 17th, 2012 (Games Industry are invited to attend from the 15th to the 17th)

Yes, we are aware that Valentines day is a conflict. We looked at the calendar and there is simply not another week that works. We need to do this before GDC which is the first week in March and the weeks leading up to that tend to have other conflicts (President's Day in the US the following week, for example).

Where is it?


Why did you put it there?!?

It seems that most of the internal stakeholders are centered around Toronto, it's definitely cold this time of year so be sure to dress warmly. Here is a link to the invite list and where people are based:

I'm remote and need to travel, who do I contact?

  • MoCo - Ashley Sullivan - (MV)
  • MoFo - Mari Moreshead - (To)
  • Other - Contact Martin Best to see if we can work something out however we don't default to helping people outside of staff and significant community members with travel expenses (

Guest Travel Info - Information on close hotels and where the event will take place.

Staff Travel Arrangements - LDAP credetials needed.

How can I learn about what's going on with our efforts around video games in advance of the work week?

The best place to start is: HTML5 Games

I can't make it or I'm not the best person, what should I do?

Some of the people may have no choice but to attend remotely or send alternatives. Please contact Martin Best with recommendation on how you feel it's best to proceed and we will figure out how to accommodate you.

There is someone not invited that should be, how do I add them?

If we missed someone you feel is important to include, please let me know. Send an email to