Hatemhatem report September 2011

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Reporter User:Hatemhatem
Date September 2011
Recruits 10
Past Items Organize major event for Mozilla Palestine during the Festival on the free software world in Palestine in 17 September

A lecture entitled What's New in Firefox 4 in the Arab-American University Launch of Firefox 4 and launch of the Palestinian society Mozilla Mozilla to participate the meeting in Amman Organizing the Mozilla Ramadan

Next Items Palestine Mozilla Day -Najah National University with the participation of our colleague Rami Khader

Mozilla's campaign in the schools of Palestine Graphic logos and Mozilla products in schools on the wall

Your First Step to Mozilla and the olive harvest: Tuesday, 13th of October, 2011.

Tuesday, 20th of October, 2011. 

Tuesday, 27th of October, 2011. Tuesday, 17th of November, 2011.

Tuesday, 24th of November, 2011.

Event: Attended Software Freedom Day in Palestine 2011 as Event Organizer

Link: Software Freedom Day is a worldwide event which aims to encourage and support the usage of free and open source software along with meeting the communities that work on developing it to know how you can participate in their activities.