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Help:System admin

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MozillaWiki Handbook
Software help for MozillaWiki — see page histories for older versions.
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System Administrator's Handbook

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  1. Administrator's Guide
  2. MediaWiki Architecture
    1. Display Layout
  3. Database Architecture
    1. Design Format


  1. Installation - Long
  2. Installation
    1. on Linux
    2. on Windows
    3. on Mac OS X
    4. on FreeBSD
  3. CVS tree installation)
  4. Installation FAQ
  5. Timezone adjustments


  1. Security
  2. Security Checklist
  3. Paranoid Permissions (system)
  4. Permissive Permissions (system)
  5. Setting user rights (inside wiki environment)


  1. Configuration
  2. Help:Configuration
  3. Apache config
  4. Robots.txt -- how to avoid search engines to index the internals of your wiki
  5. Rewrite Rules -- how to get rid of /index.php in URLs
  6. PHP config
  7. MySQL config


  1. Customization
  2. Timezone adjustments
  3. MediaWiki localization -- localization and customization for link texts and messages like 'fromwikipedia'
  4. Interwiki links
  5. Custom skins
  6. Custom Namespaces
  7. More tweaks
  8. Configuration tips and tricks

Manage the database

  1. Backup Database
  2. Restore Database
  3. Reduce the size of the database


  1. PHP caching and optimization
  2. File cache
  3. Cache strategy deployed by Wikimedia
  4. Wikimedia servers: an example of a multi-server configuration


  1. Upgrade Mediawiki