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Mozilla Community Sysadmins are individuals who are passionate about Mozilla, the open web and are passionate and knowledgeable about running websites and services (at scale!) to help support the Mozilla Community.

Community is the backbone of the Mozilla Project.

We are a global pack of Sysadmins supporting the Mozilla Community and, importantly, mentoring & teaching others with practical technical skills in hosting and running production websites and services, configuration management (puppet/chef), monitoring/alerting & oncall pager.

Getting Involved

We need you! Give us a shout out on one of the following communication channels and let us know you'd like to help!


We operate under a module system. A module is a discrete unit of code or activity. An owner is the person in charge of a module or sub-module. A peer is a person whom the owner has appointed to help them. A module may have multiple peers and, very occasionally, multiple owners.

Archived Modules

These modules are no longer maintained, but their information is retained for historical purposes.

Weekly Calls

Meeting Date & Time
Bug/Action Triage Weekly. Tuesdays @ 1600 UTC
Infrastructure Weekly. Wednesdays @ 1600 UTC
Discourse Weekly. Thursdays @ 1600 UTC

Meeting Agenda & Notes

  • Upcoming/Current (look at revision history for older meetings)

Leadership and Contact Info