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Who we are

Mozilla IT maintains the computers, networks and Internet presence Mozilla uses to fulfill the Mozilla Manifesto, supporting more than 1,000 servers and millions of users.

Mozilla Rocks IT

Mozilla IT does many things, found out how Mozilla Rocks IT

Where can you find us?

On IRC, on the server

  • #moc: Mozilla Operations Center channel
  • #releng: Release Engineering
  • #db: Database Administration

On the web, our blog is at

Reach out to us on the at

How to get involved



End User Services

The Service Desk Team is a globally-distributed team that is dedicated to ensuring Mozilla employees have the hardware and software to further the mission.

Mozilla staff can contact the team here.

Net Ops

The Network Operations team supports upstream Internet access for Mozilla offices and datacenters.

DC Ops

The DataCenter Operations team designs and supports Mozilla's datacenters and Point of Presence (PoP) servers at strategic Internet hubs across the globe.

Mozilla Operations Center [MOC]

The Mozilla Operation Center is a 24x7 IT function with a purpose to support Mozilla's critical services. It provides this through standard approaches - incident management and proactive monitoring. The MOC has a single identity and only known as "MOC" across IRC (#moc), email, and Bugzilla. The MOC operates in 4 MozSpaces: San Francisco, Mountain View, Portland, and London. Through rotational shifts between these 4 hubs, the MOC achieves around the clock coverage every day of the year.

Systems Infrastructure

Manages the core server infrastructure behind Mozilla including DHCP, DNS, NTP and E-mail. They are responsible for Highly-Critical Infrastructure, and manage the configuration across servers.

Web Ops

The Web Operations teams manages more than 1,000 websites for all the past and current Mozilla projects, including and Learn how the Web Operations team works.

Data team

The Data Team manages clusters of Postgres and MySQL-like databases and many other data and metrics systems and processes. You can read about their weekly progress.

Air Mozilla

Air Mozilla provides recordings of regular Mozilla Project meetings, MozCamp talks, and other Mozilla gatherings for community members around the world to enjoy.

Watch them at