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DRAFT Aug 13 2012


Developer Services is a set of project-wide services that support development. Any impact to these services could cause tree closures and as such we limit the window in which we make changes.

The schedule for these windows follows the 6-week release cycle. Emergencies or other external events can postpone a Scheduled Maintenance Window. Mozilla IT will always confirm with Release Coordinators before scheduling work.

Scheduled Maintenance

The schedule mimics the 6-week release cycle, with weeks 4 & 5 being the only two possible available weeks.

Week Status
Week 1
  • Merge day on Monday
  • Release ships on Tuesday
  • Beta ships on Thursday
  • Aurora enabled on Friday
Week 2
  • Wednesday, ship .1 release?
  • If .1, release by Friday
Week 3
  • A .1 may be released Monday
Week 4 CLEAR
Week 5 CLEAR
Week 6 Building Release Candidate


  • Announced by noon (Pacific) one week before planned work
  • Reminders sent by noon (Pacific) two days before planned work
  • Post to Whistlepig
  • Notification Distribution List:

Developer Services

The above policies apply primarily to, but not limited to, the following services: