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Project Information

  • Any pre-requisites needed (technology, server capacity, staffing, monitoring, response time, etc): Machine is expected to compile Mozilla continuously in order to produce the index, so should have 8gb ram, quadcore cpu.
  • External dependencies: None
  • Dev environment specs: No clue what goes here
  • Does this project use any plugins or proprietary technology: No, it's pure awesome.

What is DXR?

DXR is a two things. First, it’s a method for collecting type, member, statement, macro, etc. information about C++, IDL, and soon JavaScript using Mozilla’s static analysis tools (e.g., Dehydra), a hacked build system, and a bunch of scripts. Second, it’s a web-based tool for mapping this information back onto source code, and allowing users to query and look-up this information.

You can read more about it here.

DXR was written and is being actively developed by David Humphrey.

Bugs can be filed using Mozilla's Bugzilla with Product:WebTools and Component:DXR

Mozilla Roll-out Task List

  • Deploy DXR at Mozilla - bug 524725
  • Dave to update DXR hg repo with latest callgraph code
  • Tweak installation and indexing system for use by Mozilla
  • Make dxr scripts path agnostic and more portable (python path stuff)