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Start of project

  • Name each of the following:
    • Project sponsor: Laura Mesa
    • Main IT contact: ?
    • Main WebDev contact: Wil Clouser
    • Main QA contact: Stephen Donnor
    • Main third party contact: Steven Garrity
    • Final application owner/maintainer: Laura Mesa
  • Outline the following:
    • Overall goal of the project
      • The overall goal of this project is to create a better all.html page. I define "better" as more intuitive, more easily navigable, and with a clear Call to Action--also defined as improved # of downloads.
      • We will do this by building three versions of the page, as designed by TRO. We will test all three pages simultaneously, and the page that garners the most downloads during the testing period becomes permanent.
    • Any pre-requisites needed (technology, server capacity, staffing, monitoring, response time, etc)
    • Initial timeline
      • Dec 1 - Final design and PSD original files
      • Dec 30 - Options 2 and 3 code complete
      • Jan 27 - Option 1 code complete
      • Feb 10 (mid-Feb) - QA complete
      • Feb 24 - A/B Testing starts
      • March 3 - A/B Testing ends
      • March 10 - Analysis complete
      • March 31 - Launch final design
    • External dependencies
      • TRO hands off PSDs.
      • Steven Garrity's availability.
    • Dev environment specs
    • Does this project use any plugins or proprietary technology?
      • None that we know of.

Staging Signoff

In order to get an app into staging, the following should be completed:

  • Code committed to Mozilla source control and tagged
  • Initial architecture review by IT and WebDev
  • Plugin/tech review by Evangelism
  • Site must be password protected
  • Review timeline to go live
  • Review any production requirements so IT can order any new hardware needed

Production Signoff/Launch

  • Final WebDev signoff
  • Final IT signoff
  • Final QA signoff
  • Operations documents filled for support & any training complete
  • Monitors in place