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Weekly updates from IT on things we're doing to help all of Mozilla keep the web a global public resource, open and accessible to all!


  • New AirMozilla coming! Please visit to see the new library. You can view this meeting streaming live by clicking on the Spotlight in the upper left. The new platform offers full support and development, lots of interactivity, and concurrent social streaming (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) with many ways to present. You can see a brief overview here. To help, we’ve created an FAQ in Mana. Please contact AirMo Andy Kochendorfer with comments and questions.
  • The Mozilla Contract Database is now live! Thanks to a collaborative effort between IT, Legal, People, and Finance, we delivered this service that reinforces the foundation of Mozilla’s business in 90 days, from conception to delivery. Those of you who manage contracts that are coming up for expiration should have received advance notices, giving you plenty of time to take care of your renewals before December 22. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project!
  • Join me in Austin for the Containers@Mozilla elective, Wednesday December 13th, 1 PM, in JW Marriott room 4. I'll be hosting a panel presentation and live Q&A on how container technologies like Docker are being used to solve problems across Mozilla, in Marketing, Open Innovation, and IT.
  • Austin is Weird. Austin is a city built on music. Willie Nelson is the smoky grandfather of the scene. Local legend Kinky Friedman, in his Austin guide The Great Psychedelic Armadillo Picnic, says that when Austinites die, they go to Willie Nelson's house. In Willie's honor, in Mozilla's honor, in anticipation of Austin, here's a song:
 On the Road again
 And I just can't wait to get On the Web again
 The life I love is saving the Internet with my friends
 and I can't wait to get On the Web again!

I'll see all y'all there!


  • This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the USA. In this time of giving thanks for the harvest in the northern latitudes, Slack channel #thanksgiving is a place where you can share your gratitude. I am thankful for all my fellow Mozillians who fight tirelessly to keep the web open and free, through Firefox and all the things we do.


  • Happy Launch Week! As we go forth and Grow From Firefox, remember that IT is here to help you manage your technology so that you can focus on applying your core capabilities to the Mozilla mission.
  • Mozilla is now a USB-C friendly environment. IT has retrofitted all cable cubby equipped Small, Large, and Commons conference rooms with USB-C power and Video adapters. If you need USB-C hardware support outside of the conference rooms, please contact your local EUS representative.
  • InfoSec and ParSys have launched the capability for volunteers and staff to work together in a shared Google drive, in a secure fashion. This is the first staff-volunteer collaboration use case that we have implemented on top of the IAM architecture. Andrew Krug will demonstrate.


  • The Mozilla Reps have launched an app to crowdsource tweets. Significantly, the app is live, launched on the ParSys container infrastructure in AWS after the initial experiment was a success. Container infrastructure is supporting experiments at Mozilla! Come to the Containers@Mozilla elective at the Y'All Hands to learn more.
  • Today in Mountain View, we are kicking off data entry for our Contract Database project, a joint effort by IT, Finance, Legal, and People teams. It's part of Mozilla's continuous improvement efforts, bringing teams together to solve our shared problems. We are working together to strengthen Mozilla's business foundations


In honor of Morrissey coming to Portland, intepretive Morrissey song titles in italics

  • NetOps completed the infrastructure refresh of the Vancouver City of Glass office. With this, the Mozilla-wide office infrastructure refresh is complete, save for the Portland office, which will be upgraded during the office expansion. A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours
  • This Friday at 9 AM PST, the DevOps cohort will feature a presentation on Kubernetes in AWS, from Andrew Krug. The DevOps cohort is available to staff only. Email Scott Idler to be added to the weekly invite. That's How People Grow Up
  • The Mozilla Data Collective brings you data for launch activities! For the release of Firefox Quantum (or Release 57), we are getting metrics related to Release 57 to the MDC to be shared with all staff. In The Future When All's Well

Everyday Is Like Sunday....



  • Mozilla’s Infosec department is sponsoring the 7th annual BSides Portland event this Friday and Saturday at the Portland Convention Center. Andrew Krug will be offering an encore presentation of his BlackHat talk on hacking serverless runtimes, and Mozilla has provided a reference architecture for Kubernetes to power the Capture the Flag Contest as part of our bug bounty program.
  • Researchers have discovered a flaw in WPA2, a common Wifi encryption protocol. If you use WPA2 on your laptop, device, or access point, you are likely exposed. We use Aruba Wifi access points in our offices, and a patch will be deployed shortly- look for communications from the MOC about any office downtime. Your mobile devices are particularly vulnerable- you may want to use 4G instead of Wifi when you have a choice.


  • Infosec will be rolling out more alerts to the SSO Dashboard this week. In addition to existing alerts for out of date software we will add alerts for security anomalies we may notice about your account.


  • IT began build out of a new data center space two weeks ago for the hosting of Firefox build and test resources that are not fit for the cloud. This space will also begin to give us geographical redundancy for these resources. While migration work will continue throughout the next 12 months, this initial move is a major milestone!
  • Starting two weeks ago, all incidents and requests through ServiceNow (The Hub) will generate a brief 3 question survey ( Please take the time to give us feedback on the Customer Experience in order for us to continue to improve.
  • Mozilla has completed our transition away from Okta. If you were previously using Okta to access Workday or other apps, you should now be accessing through Auth0. You can reach the most active secured apps through


  • Over the weekend, the dial-in access for the teleconferencing systems moved from our old Asterisk system to Jive. The extension numbers and prompts have changed. Vidyo is on extension 2000 and no longer needs the extra 9 added at the beginning of the conference room numbers. The basic audio-only conferencing is now on extension 4000. Please use 2000 or 4000 as appropriate for the password on the 800# instead of 369 (if you dial 369 it'll give you instructions though). If you see any dial-in instructions which need updating, please update them or contact the organizer and remind them to. HUGE shout-out to Andy Kochendorfer from AVOps for providing his voice for the new prompts.
  • IT is initiating a proof-of-concept for the new Vidyo Cloud solution, as a separate instance. Those interested should be part of relatively insular group that can regularly use the NEO client. If interested, please join the #vidyocloudpocrequest Slack channel.
  • The site will be shut down on September 29th at 5pm PST. We've identified several Mana pages that have links to To view the list, please visit the Slack channel #intranet-shutdown or if you have any questions, contact @jojo on Slack
  • Interested in DevOps? Jon the DevOps cohort! Open to all community- staff and volunteers. Join the #devops channel on Slack, get more info on Mana at, or email to join. Next meeting is Friday, October 6!

(below are info items that won't be read in the Project meeting due to time)

  • Starting last week, all incidents and requests through ServiceNow (The Hub) will generate a brief 3 question survey ( Please take the time to give us feedback on the Customer Experience in order for us to continue to improve.
  • End User Services is discontinuing the use of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows 10 laptops. Instead Windows users will now use Microsoft Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus solution. Malware and virus protection is a constantly evolving field. In the past, dedicated products provided the best defense against malicious files. However, Microsoft’s built-in service has matured over time to be a competitive/formidable antivirus product.