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This page is an archived old version of the Identity roadmap. Check out the latest version.

Identityicon.png Mozilla Identity Roadmap
Owner: Dan Mills Updated: 2011-12-13

Users today are faced with difficult choices for how they create and manage their online identities. Existing solutions are based around brands, creating lock-in and lack of real user choice.

In 2011, Mozilla will launch new products designed to give users convenient, safe, and open identity solutions aimed at creating a competitive ecosystem that becomes part of the fabric of the web.

We will also experiment and prototype new technologies and products that help users take control of their personal information across the Web, while at the same time facilitating a greater and deeper exchange between the users' applications and services.

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Projects and Features

Verified Email / BrowserID

Signing into sites is a common pain point on Web sites today, and our first effort focuses on making it more convenient and safer to sign into websites. Verified Email is a simple protocol sites can use to implement sign-ins that is secure, password-free, and very easy to use.

The Verified Email project has several components:

  • A protocol specification
  • A Mozilla-hosted service
  • Clients for Firefox, Firefox Mobile, and a pure-HTML client with support for a variety of browsers

Project highlights:

  • Single-click sign-up/sign-in/sign-out. No need to remember passwords for each site
  • Browser integration, for maximum convenience and protection from phishing attacks
  • Mobile Firefox support, making it easy to sign up and use sites on mobile phones
  • Support for current-generation browsers, no special add-ons required (using HTML pop-ups)
  • Provides an on-ramp towards a fully decentralized system, with the user agent as ID mediator.
/BrowserID/Addon (BrowserID Addon)
/Verified Email Protocol (Protocol Links)


Use-cases for document signatures (longer-lived ones than the ones used for Verified Email)

Use-case brainstorming doc is here: /Doc-signing use-cases


Identity Dashboard


  • Identity-inputs - straw proposal from Tantek presented at the 2011-05-25 W3C workshop on Identity in the Browser (#idbrowser)
  • /Notes - notes from random discussions

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