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Last Week's Actions

  • Dan and Ben to consider load-balancing impact of base domain names vs. www.*
    • no longer needed
  • Ben/Lloyd show ddahl JWT
    • CONTINUES: more on this this week, hopefully a "beta" this year.
  • Christian needs a better front-line demo
    • CONTINUES: was going to propose a demo

Major Topics


  • stomlinson on vacation
  • Starting Mozilla IdP project back up
  • New event API proposed and being discussed on list
  • shared computers approach designed, UX underway
  • implementation to handle mysql stalling and failover underway (unit tests, to merge for this weeks train)

FF & Platform

  • bug 440046 window.crypto.getRandomValues now has r+ from a DOM peer. Need a Super Review and a rubber stamp from a PSM peer. There is also the issue of bug 637432 where we want to provide a new crypto object for mobile. Not sure about landing timeframe becasue of this.
  • Broke out the Firefox front end patch for a native object, asking for review from identity team members bug 664614

Security & Privacy

  • sec reviews to be scheduled this week
  • RFQ going out this week


  • phx1 build-out continues
    • upgraded external zeus cluster (newer hardware, 2->3 machines)
    • built internal zeus cluster
    • firewall rules in place
    • hosts kickstarted
    • phx1-local loadtest will commence this week
    • 3crowd testing & monitoring integration for multi-DC DNS magic
  • on track for dual-datacenter next week
  • rolled out WatchMouse check to watch /include.js and /.well-known/browserid from all sorts of global locations and verify checksums (in addition to the per-server local nagios checking we do)


  • demo of WIP selenium browserid tests for today (jrgm)
  • Train 21: Bug 727995 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.02.16 to production
  • Hot Fixes: Bug 729561 - BrowserID: Deploy hotfix to production at 1pm pacific
  • QA action items
    • Test planning for new UI changes/flows (desktop/mobile)
    • QA sanity testing of Prod deployment to PHX colo (delayed till late Feb/early Mar)
    • Client-side Selenium II automation (see above for demo)
    • Work with Pete to finish up RPM install and configuration of QA environment (ID2)
    • Usage planning for new Test/CI environment
    • Work with D Burns and Lloyd on Travis-CI for automation
    • Test planning for upcoming BID/Etherpad and BID/ work




  • scrambled on mockups for TOS/Privacy Policy assent
  • work on shared computer
    • mockup for "is this your computer"
    • mockup for nuking shared computer preferences
  • testing RP convert legacy to BID account continues