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  • Have you signed up for note taking?
  • General Updates:
    • Rob Lord, the new Director Product Management, User Services wants to touch base with all of us following this meeting at 1 pm, PDT
    • Joining the Monday Project Meeting
  • Team updates
    • B2G
      • awesome effort by Jed, Shane, Edwin, Sean & everyone who pitched in - THANK YOU!
    • PiCL
      • Brown Bag - what our new confirmed date? Ben is working on it
      • implementing PICL IdP
      • exploring sign in/password reset flows
      • to catch up with platform team this week or next
    • Signin
    • UP

Meeting Notes

  • Workweek last week -- job well done!
    • jot down thoughts while fresh in your mind -- Tauni to start an etherpad
    • Tauni has notes from "closing ceremony", can add to additional thoughts -- in workweek agenda
    • James tracked all sessions we did have, with notes
  • Rob Lord meeting with us at 1p
  • Identity team will have presence at Monday Project Meeting
    • Sean to lead thinking process on what should be mentioned at that meeting
  • Thanks everyone for pitching in to help with B2G effort
  • PiCL
    • consensus on integration with signin
    • start iterating on password reset flows
    • catch up with platform team soon
    • storage: considering Cassandra, "Tungsten" or "TokuDB" on top of mysql, probably stick with mysql (we have pix of the whiteboarded discussion about all this plus we are working with Ben Bangert on the Cassandra idea)
    • So: Sheeri --> Tunsten, TokuDB; Ben --> Cassandra. Ryan to surely follow up on all of this...
    • no date yet for brown bag -- avoid last sprint for ffos
  • Interns
    • Vlad the intern will do a PiCL project, Chris primary Zach secondary
    • Jed will follow up with Ryan (Jed will probably mentor)
    • Hannah showing up a little later
    • mrdhat -- google summer of code, interested in contacts, PiCL -- pending approval GSOC mentor application, etc. Lloyd and Jed to sync up with UP team.
  • Signin
    • AWS move: will spin up a production stack today, but not send any traffic to it until next week
    • Dan, Crystal, Austin figured out solution for yahoo problems using PINcodes
    • Train cut today (was supposed to be last wednesday) contains all FFOS goodness, critical that it rolls into production
      • all hands on deck to minimize risk
    • Many conversations last week, captured in notes, notes are high value
  • UP
    • refocusing of interest categories: some interests seemed strange and non actionable, less broad in interests, focusing on key things that content personalization can make use of
    • 3rd party cookie blocking impacts frequency capping
    • frequency capping: can track when an ad is shown, don't keep showing same ad to same user, most value is from first impression


    • is anyone from UP interested in mentoring an intern?

Blog Schedule

Team Status


Signin to the Web


Dialup Performance

KPI / Metrics

  • Kpiggybank memory fixes pushed to production at workweek
  • Tauni is working on a schedule/roadmap, we did a first pass at workweek
  • Katie is meeting with Annie this week in SF to make progress on new pentaho/metric features and get feedback on visualization ideas
  • Katie's primary task is improved "new user flow" visualizations, will also get in a kpiggybank fix for Shane's performance work


Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)




Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement


PTO/OOO (Pacific time)

  • [kparlante] May 17-20
  • [chris] PTO - May 17 - 20, conference May 24
  • [warner] - conferences may 17-22
  • [francois] AusCERT May 20-23
  • [kthiessen] May 23 - 28 [BayCon over Memorial Day weekend]
  • [ryan] PTO May 26-29, and June 4
  • [francois] JSConf US May 27-31
  • [rfkelly] May 26-30, Jun 4
  • [warner] - conference june 24-26, PTO july 3-5
  • [tauni] Jul 22 - 26
  • [shane] Jul 31 - Aug 9