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  • Summit reminders:
  • Due to Summit - there will not be a staff meeting next week, 7 Oct. We'll re-group on Monday, 14 October

General Reminders:

Meeting Notes

  • Everyone download What's App (free text messaging for travel abroad in Europe).
    • Bonus points for porting WhatsApp to FxOS before Wed
    • Don't forget your Passport (trust me) + consular letter
  • Elevator pitch for Persona (rough mix):
    • "The ease of Facebook Connect without the suckiness of Facebook's privacy mess." -seanmonstar
    • "we want to get rid of passwords while still allowing users to choose who they trust" -francois
    • "I'm getting us the heck out of beta so we can get back tot eh business of building a Javacsript-less version of the service." -kthiessen
  • Francois: chipmunk?
  • UX: we're going to do an update email
    • Include our links to other UX people on related teams
    • Relying parties of Persona: Marketplace, Firefox OS, Firefox Desktop (madhava), Firefox Android (ibarlow), SUMO (will bamberg), Webmaker (k88hudson)
  • Session state management issues increasingly bubbling up. we are stripping out watch API and providing a minimal plat around .get.
    • V1 of spec won't include session management.
    • Goldilocks API thread, figuring out which path to take wrt API backward compatability
  • Lloyd: "greased up" + "in cage"
  • English: deficient wrt cat pronouns
  • spenrose: structural ways to avoid to focus on last minute/firedrill-style problems.
    • can we have five minutes about long-term time horizon? Product vision?
    • Help maintain contextual ties btwn devs/ between where we are and where we're going.
    • make long term goals explicit, socialized etc.
    • Callahad: let's harness summit-energy to get the ball rolling for high-level conversation about sign-in.

Team Status

Native (B2G)

Signin to the Web

Profile in the Cloud (PiCL)




Business Development

Product Marketing

Docs & Engagement



  • jbonacci: Straightforward QA-style wrap-up for end of Q3

Blog Schedule

  • We are working on launching a new blog series. Stay tuned for more information soon

PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • Crystal: 30 Sep - 1 Oct : PTO
  • Zach: 1 - 2 Oct : PTO
  • Gene: 1 - 3 Oct : AFK
  • Brian: 2 Oct - OOO fly to Brussels for summit
  • JedP: 7 - 15 Oct - PTO post summit
  • Ozten: 7 - 15 Oct : PTO
  • Francois: 9-14 Oct PTO
  • John G: 11 Oct : PTO
  • Brian: 7-16 Oct : PTO
  • Shane: 28 Oct - 1 Nov : PTO
  • Brian: 8 - 11 Nov : OOO conference