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  • Lloyd's last day is this Friday, 14 Feb.  :( -1
    • Tie up any last minute issues that need Lloyd's input

1. Status - Where are we at on our three major initiatives? FxA Sync (ckarlof), FxA on FxOS (spenrose) 2. Awesome - What happened last week that was awesome? 3. Help - Where could you use help? What is blocking you?

General Reminders:

Key wiki pages to point folks at:

Meeting Notes

[Karl is this week's notetaker] toxborrow/warner tagteam in place for Karl [karl's here, will participate in tagteam]  :)

  • Contact lloyd if you need anything: his persona pieces are already pretty well distributed
  • ckarlof: FxA vision: why is it not just another IdP? how can we be different?
    • 1: profile server: let users publish profile info, indexed by FxA id.
    • 2: contextual identity: being all your selves, different selves in different contexts. Many IdPs don't (think google+). We can be the first IdP to enable contextual identities from the start. depends on profile server.
    • 3: can be the first open services stack (android is open-source client, but value comes from the services you attach to it, and you must either go with google or with nothing). Like running your own sync server, we could make it possible to run your own other servers too, partners can run servers, pick your server, especially for FxOS.
    • no specific roadmap for attached services yet: Marketplace and Where's My Fox are the two known ones, also talking about a GameCenter platform, talkilla, contacts, presence team
    • reach out to ckarlof with thoughts/feedback regarding FxA
  • [edwin] roadmap for other services - MP/WMF/GameCenter/Talkilla
    • we need to flesh the details for a longer term roadmap
    • [gene]: can we get a thumbs up from mmayo on open-stack stuff, to enable the ops folks to open/clean up their scripts and repos? if/when this turns into an Identity team strategy, let's broaden it to include ops. [spenrose]: planning to pitch the same thing.

[gene] can help with respect to identifying change from current ops.

    • [spenrose]: finally landed onepw on FxOS master, yay jedp and fernando, ttaubert wrapping up the last bug at 3am. settings UI is still in flux. Making good progress on forceAuth.

"This sucker should ship!" Woot, woot. Bug tree is awful. spenrose is looking for input on visualization of the bug tree. LANDED in master over the weekend -- a week or so from turning around a build for QA. [edwin] roadmap for attached services? marketplace -- definite wheresmyfox -- definite gamecenter? talkilla contacts (aka 'fruux') presence

    • UX gurus in early, prepared for PMs when they arrive
    • [edwin]: QA is focussed on logging all the FxA bugs, triaging desktop/android bugs, helping with performance-monitoring pieces; 1: what needs to be logged, 2: get it into heka, 3: profit!

Offer out to FxOS QA person. Woot woot! Awesomes: Lloyd (of course), help-needed:

    • [zaach] need translations for ToS/PP (needs legal)
    • planning for Lloyd's dinner


  • A vision towards FxA not being JAIP (Just Another Identity Provider)
 1) First class support for contextual identity ("freedom to be all your selves")
 2) Build the first open services stack
   * Android is "open", but if you don't want to license Google Services, you have to reinvent vast tracks of service architecture.
   * In an open services stack, services providers and users can plug in their own forks or implementations of our default services.
   * "Run your own Sync server" is a POC of this idea, and we can make it easier and better with FxA Sync.  

FxA on FxOS

  • onepw client API is landed!! Major kudos to jedp, ferjm, and a dozen helpers
  • ttaubert debugged a Windows test failure at 3am Germany time to help us land
  • Settings UI still in limbo
  • spenrose, _6a68 becoming honorary members of FxOS Systems Front End team to try and get traction on Gaia reviews. Whatever it takes ...
  • ferjm is very productive on forceAuth
  • Nothing big and scary after that
  • We're maybe a week from something alpha-ish
  • Lots of little issues will keep us busy between now and March 17th
  • I think we've turned the corner
  • Haven't run this past _6a68 yet; he may protest my optimism
  • Next UX review this afternoon; spenrose sitting in for _6a68
  • Bug tree (unwieldy):
  • I've drafted a simpler priority list on
    • (scroll to "Sam's list")
  • Trying to figure out a best home for it, probably our Wiki


Docs & Engagement


  • Ryan F: 20 - 28 Feb: PTO
  • Francois: 24-28 Feb in SF
  • Francois: 7 and 10 March PTO
  • Shane: Feb 26 - Mar 12 (Tentative dates per Baby Tomlinson's decision on when to arrive - the dates will adjust as needed) :)
  • Katie: 27-28 March: PTO