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Here are an guidelines about Selection Process for Mozilla India Meetup 2016.

Open application - Jul 23-29:

  • Passion/commitment to Mozilla and Mozilla India.
  • Skills in mobilizing communities/other people (Mozilla and/or elsewhere).
  • Commitment to goals of the meet-up.
  • Location, gender, major areas of contribution, and longevity in Mozilla.
  • This is not about recognition

Diversity Goals

Our community and this meetup will be stronger if we have diversity and representation from a broad set of backgrounds.


  • Representation from every major area of contribution.
  • 20% women contributors.
  • 10-20 people who have started their engagement in Mozilla within the past 6-months.
  • Around 50-60% students.
  • Representation from every established geographic sub-community.


  • Passion/commitment to Mozilla and Mozilla India.
  • Demonstrated success in mobilizing others (in Mozilla or elsewhere).
  • Commitment to the goals of the meetup/being part of building, constructively, Mozilla India moving forward.

Not Criteria:

Attending Mozilla India Meetup 2016 is not a reward or recognition of any kind.

Selection - Jul 30-Aug 2


Invitation - Aug 6

  • Send out invitation emails.
  • Participants register and book travel.