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Note: This is a summarized and updated version of the community restructuring process and its current outcomes. The whole process can be tracked at GitHub, and the rationale behind the process and other vital information about the same can be read from the Open Book. This page is currently maintained by the provisional meta team. Please inform any of the meta team members in the discussion page if you find any glaring error. Feel free to fix minor formatting/other errors.


Read/download The Open Book. Compiled and published by members from Mozilla India under CC-BY 4.0.

Background with timeline

  • May-June 2016: Listening to concerns with the existing structure (or the lack of it) in the Indian Mozillian community from some of the active contributors, and some recommendations were proposed. These helped in planning for a restructuring.
  • August 2016: Community discourse and consensus for beginning the restructuring process with recommendations from the community, and formation of provisional meta team (also known as strategy team)
  • November-December 2016: Open community proposal, and clubbing community members under different teams/groups based on their interest as mentioned in the proposals

Important links

Outcome: Team division

Based on the proposals submitted by the Mozillians, they are clubbed under various teams and geographical groups. Below is the quick link to the relevant teams.

Teams Meta team Currently a provisional meta team is functioning to facilitate this restructuring process. This team will help create the actual meta team.
Functional teams Mature technology and products Future technology and products Developer engagement and evangelism Advocacy and policy Marketing and brand (consumer)
Mozilla Leadership Network Hubs Mozilla campus clubs Localization Community Operations and infrastructure
Focus teams Maker party Grow WebVR Web compatibility sprint Dive into Rust Addon
Geographical groups
Hyderabad/Andhra Pradesh Ahmedabad/Gujarat Bangalore/Karnataka Mumbai/Pune/Maharashtra Thiruvananthapuram/Kerala Bhopal/Indore/Madhya Pradesh
Jaipur/Rajasthan Chennai/Tamil Nadu Lucknow/Uttar Pradesh Kolkata/West Bengal Delhi/Noida/Greater Noida/Gurgaon