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Meeting of Evangelism Task Force: April 18, 2014



Date: April 18, 2014
Time: 9pm IST
Location: "Evangelism Task Force" chat thread on FaceBook

  1. Introduce new task-force member - Akshat
  2. Plan for meeting recurrence. Options are bi-weekly, monthly. Get a fixed date/time which does not clash with other important pre-scheduled community meetings.
  3. Enhance points in wiki:
  4. Plan for first meetup:
    1. Could be part of upcoming train-the-trainers event
    2. Tentative time: June
  5. Till meetup, work on preparing new presentation content for:
    1. Onboarding new contributors to mozCentral
    2. Onboarding new contributors to MDN
    3. Onboarding new contributors to webdev
  6. Identify some representative from SuMo.
  7. Brief outline for the content and process of train-the-trainers
  8. Tools and ideas for creating great presentations and screencasts. (Get help from design team) - we can use existing tools: like style guide


Shahid Ali Farooqui, Ankit Gadgil, Kaustav Das Modak, Jai Pradeesh, Sudheesh, Priyanka Nag, Sawrubh, Soumya Deb.


  • Akshat received loads of "hi" and "hello".
  • Meeting:
    • Frequency: once a month (for the next 3 months)
    • Day: Third thursday of each month
    • Time: 10:30pm
  • Wiki points to be elaborated through suggestions in the etherpad section "Wiki change suggestions" below. Instead of editing the wiki directly, this will give some good discussion scope before putting the final stuff on wiki.
  • For meetup of the TF, we will try to tag along with the proposed idea of organizing a train-the-trainers event in India in June. If that event does not work out, plan on organizing a meetup in end August.
  • Help new contributors by mentoring them, but unofficially. Not to be treated as full time job.
  • Instead, help in creating reusable training materials through screencasts.
  • A lot of newcomers ask for help, and such resources for projects like webdev, gaia, webmaker, MDN, SuMo etc would be very helpful. The TF members will try creating useful screencasts on beginner topics in their respective functional areas.
  • Kaustav to get in touch with the DevRel team and let them know of this initiative, so that we can get wider support. Also, to check possible collaboration with guys. (sawrubh can help with the codefirefox people)
  • Members to identify and pursue some person from SuMo to join the TF. This will be put as an action item for next meeting, where people will be ready with suggestions.
  • Wiki change suggestions:
    • Process for onboarding of new members/contributors: Put a form up where an interested person can apply for the task force. The form will include basic details with field to add previous talks and presentations related and not related to Mozilla. +1
    • Should be able to explain Why the specific people were approached/ chosen for to be members of the taskforce team and why others were not chosen, this might be the next hurdle to cross when the task force formalizes its approach and put it forth.