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What is WoMoz?

  • Women and Mozilla is a community composed of members from different Open Source projects. It is mainly dedicated to improving women's visibility and involvement in Free/Open Source and Mozilla, and to increase the number of women contributors.
  • WoMoz is a meeting point open to all, where women can meet other FOSS contributors through mailing lists, IRCs, wikis and blogs.
  • The goal of WoMoz is to help contribute to FOSS & Mozilla. Its often a situation when we women are enthusiastic, but not confident. We are shy to come up in public and talk about our ideas. Mainly in a forum or IRC channel where we know there is a major number of male participants, it often gets hard for a woman (mainly a new comer) to speak up. WoMoz is a platform to help reduce that problem. Its an initiative to give every woman the platform to begin their FOSS conrtibution without being scared of being humiliated or turned down.

Whom is it for?

  • You don't need to be a coder to contribute to Mozilla. There are several other domains in which contributions can be made like localization, event organizations, documentations, community marketing etc. Anyone willing to contribute and looking for a platform to begin work, WoMoz is the right place for you.

Is it strictly for Women only?

  • Though the purpose of WoMoz team is to get more female contributors to Mozilla (rather to FOSS as a whole), we do not close doors for men. If any male contributor wants to help us, he is most welcome in the team.

How do I get join the team?

  • There is no pre-requsite to join the WoMoz team. You can always go through the site
  • We meet every alternate week on the official WoMoz channel #womoz.

Plans for WoMoz in India

  • Need more female contributors in Mozilla. We need to organize some women centric events all around the country.
  • No more talks, we need to have events where we can get contributors to do some practical work.
  • Start from local regional events for indulging more female contributors.
  • Adopt Imposter Syndrome and Women Empowerment strategy.
  • Include Hack Camps training program. Next stage will be hackathon.
  • Awareness campaign.



You can learn more about the role of a owner here.

  • Sara Khan


Peers are Contributors who have taken up the additional responsibility to help new comers. You can learn more about the Peers role here.

  • Priyanka Nag
  • Diwanshi Pandey


  • Nidhiya V raj
  • Shagufta Metwani


TBA (First week of May 2013)