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Date & Location

  • Date 19 Feb 2012
  • Timing 9:00 am to 1:30pm
  • Location IIT Madras , CS 24 ,CS-Block


  • Provide clear and concise understanding of Mozilla localization ecosystem.
  • Enable non-technical participants learn to contribute translations using simple web based interface.
  • Community building with interaction among new and experienced localization team members
  • Improve translation quality using peer review
  • Capacity building of L10n teams,


1 day L10n sprint

  • Divided into three module:
    • Introduction
    • Localization using Web based localization tools(Narro)
    • Localization with mercurial tools.
  • Each module has <20 minute talk (with slides and video demo)
  • Using training material (Mozilla wiki pages, Handouts, exercise sheets)
  • Software (USB pen drives with Locale specific fonts, keyboard layout software, development builds of firefox, hg bundles, mercurial tools)

Organizing Team


  • Arky, arky at mozilla dot com
  • Arun Prakash, arun at mozillaindia dot org
  • Dwaraka Nath, dtsdwarak AT hotmail DOT com
  • Harvish Sekar, harvish AT gmail DOT com