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Date & Location


  • Provide clear and concise understanding of Mozilla localization ecosystem.
  • Enable non-technical participants learn to contribute translations using simple web based interface.
  • Community building with interaction among new and experienced localization team members
  • Improve translation quality using peer review
  • Capacity building of L10n teams,


1 day L10n sprint

  • Divided into three module:
    • Introduction
    • Localization using Web based localization tools(Narro)
    • Localization with mercurial tools.
  • Each module has <20 minute talk (with slides and video demo)
  • Followed by a workout Session.
  • Each module follows Translate -> Review -> Build/Test workflow.
  • Using training material (Mozilla wiki pages, Handouts, exercise sheets)
  • Software (USB pen drives with Locale specific fonts, keyboard layout software, development builds of firefox, hg bundles, mercurial tools)



Arky, arky at mozilla dot com Vineel, pindivineelreddy at gmail dot com