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What are the Mission-Driven Mozillians campaigns?

Campaigns are time-bound activities for Mission Driven Mozillians that advance Mozilla's mission. The project is being lead by the Community Development Team (sub-team of the Open Innovation team)


The goal of these campaigns is to give Mission Driven Mozillians an ongoing series of interesting, mission related, high value engagement opportunities. To drive impact in the following high-impact contribution areas:


Campaigns that increase the number, success, or impact of localization.


Campaigns that increase the impact of volunteers work supporting Mozilla's users.


Campaigns that drive new approaches or bring new volume and impact to writing documentation for MDN etc.


Campaigns that bring energy or volume to testing websites or products i.e. Firefox Quantum Sprint

Evangelism (Product)

Campaigns that raise awareness, create new skills, or increase contributions to Mozilla's product or technology. i.e.

Evangelism (Mission)

Campaigns that drive awareness and impact of one of the 5 Health Issue Areas: Privacy & Security, Openess, Decentralization, Digital Inclusion, Web Literacy. i.e. Take Action Campaign or the Privacy Month

How you can participate?

In order to co-ordinate our work we are using this campaigns repo. If you're interested on submitting an idea for a campaign just submit an issue under the backlog ideas column.

Current Active Campaigns

There is not a campaign currently running. If you're interested on submitting ideas, see what is under exploration and what are the upcoming campaigns, check our repo.

Campaigns that have already taken place

Here is a list of campaigns that have already taken place: