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What is the Mission-Driven Mozillians strategy program?

This program, driven by the Community Development Team (part of the Open Innovation Team), aims at driving forward the creation of a modern unified contributor experience for Mission-Driven Mozillians.

Mission-Driven Mozillians are a persona of contributors who:

  • Regularly contribute to a number of activities in support of Mozilla’s mission
  • Are highly invested in Mozilla as an organization and a mission
  • Contribute in multiple areas (either sequentially or simultaneously)
  • Have Mozilla at the core of their community identities

While there are Mission Driven Mozillians in many areas of the project, the major areas of activity for this persona are: evangelizing, teaching, advocating, localizing, documenting, community building and doing testing.

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The goal of this project is to work with teams and communities to implement modern unified structures and processes to optimize the health and impact of Mission-Driven Mozillians communities.

This proposal is different to anything we have done in the past, we want to address the issues identified in the research, and create a revised approach that is a shared across the organization.

(This is also communicated through the video Intro to Mission Driven Mozillians).

Our Vision

By 2020, a healthy global community of Mozillians is bringing benefits for our mission that none of our “competitors” can match and is a formidable foundation serving the movement for an open internet.

Mission Driven Mozillians will have impact on Mozilla projects by adding capacity beyond our means, sharing global perspective and ideas, and extending our reach into valuable networks. Furthermore by growing and empowering a community of people who truly put Mozilla’s mission first, we’ll discover new and wonderful value that we cannot currently predict.

Participating as a Mozillian will be deeply rewarding and fun. It will be easy to find and make valuable contributions to important projects.

Communities will be healthy and inclusive environments that support individual growth and bring out the best in all Mozillians. Staff teams will find it clear, effective and rewarding to engage with Mozillians.


This project is based on the Open Innovation strategy research project, and informed by the D&I community research, which produced the State of Diversity & Inclusion report. Community as well as additional interviews & research with key staff members and volunteers.

This produced the most extensive understanding of Mozilla’s contributor communities ever and two key insights that created this work:

  • There are a large number of contributors who regularly contribute to a number of activities in support of Mozilla’s mission, are highly invested in Mozilla as an organization and a mission, contribute in multiple areas (either sequentially or simultaneously). We called this profile of contributor “Mission Driven Mozillians” to reflect their reported motivating force, which was advancing Mozilla’s Mission.
  • The way Mozilla’s teams and projects are structured does NOT making it easy for Mission Driven Mozillians to be successful.

Additional background

This project was formerly known as "Non-coding Enthusiast communities and contributors".

Who’s Involved

The project is being driven by - Lucy Harris (with support from George Roter)

The decision-maker is - Lucy Harris

Agreement is to be sought from - Ruben Martin, Katharina Borchert, Chris Beard, Mitchell Baker and the Reps Module Owner

Input & Consultation- Reps Council + Peers , Reps Community Managers, SUMO Community Managers + key volunteers, L10N Community Managers + key volunteers, D&I Staff, Mozilla Foundation Staff.


The approach is to work with staff and contributors to gradually address each of the project themes. In each project we will follow the open design approach of:

  1. Gathering insights
  2. Ideating Solutions
  3. Testing & Implementing

At each step we will gather insights and hold discussions with members of Mozilla communities.

Project Themes

Both proposal & strategy will be based around the following 7 project themes(*):

  1. Group Identities: How do we create a process for recognizing groups, that emphasises inclusivity while allowing volunteers the freedom to create and manage structures that reflect their interests and identities?
  2. Metrics: How can we increase our understanding of the impact and health of Mozillian communities?
  3. Diversity & Inclusion: How do we create a set of processes, standards, and workflows that make Mozilla’s communities more inclusive?
  4. Volunteer Leadership: How can shared agreements and approaches to volunteer leadership create healthier, more impactful communities?
  5. Recognition: How can cohesive approaches to recognition create a more rewarding contribution experience for more people?
  6. Resource Distribution: How do we create standards and systems that make resource distribution fair and consistent across the project?
  7. Contributor Journey & Opportunity Matching: How do we connect more people to higher impact contribution opportunities? How can we make it easy to join the community?

(*)The project themes were updated from 10 to 7 in January 2018. To see how they evolved click here.

MDM Projects

A number of major projects have been created as a direct result of this strategy. Here are some relevant links:

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