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Workshop Day

During the Mozilla Vision 2012 - Workshop Day, a variety of participatory programs based on open approaches are offered. Participants can directly experience the growth of technologies from Open Source and how they spread, or the “Open” concept itself through experiencing and actual crafting. Opportunities to participate are available for everyone from children to adults. Don't miss it!

About Participating in the Program

You do not have to apply to participate in the Workshop Day on Sunday January 22 beforehand. Please come directly to the conference on the day.

  • Please note that all programs limit the number of participants and it may not be possible to participate in some workshop if they become full.
  • We will have a cafe space where participants can wait to join workshops.

Hive Tokyo Pop-Up

Mozilla's Hive Learning Network New York City is a project that links educators from libraries, museums, media organizations and after school programs to collaborate on creative, digital projects with youth. These projects weave together opportunities for youth to explore their interests while making things with digital media tools and the web. The Hive Pop-Up is a collaborative mini-festival of youth serving organizations who plan and run an event for youth, educators and families with curated, table-top projects and activities. The event models in a smaller way the energy, activity and community of the Hive Learning Network NYC. At the Hive Tokyo Pop-Up youth will be invited to work with Mozilla's Hackasaurus and RunJumpBuild learning tools along with MIT's Scratch in a collaborative environment exploring how these three dynamic tools can me mashed together and remixed in an attempt to demonstrate the power of young people becoming webmakers.

Target:10 year old and above
Duration: 2 hours(Start at 12:00,14:30,17:00)
-Additional information for Hive Pop-Up:
https://mozillafestival.org/program/london-hive/ and about Hive http://explorecreateshare.org/
-Organization: OtOMO (Scratch), Mozilla Foundation (Hackasaurus, Hive NYC), Mozilla Corporation (RunJumpBuild)

Paint n

Create an original stencil plate with your name and a Mozilla character, Dino, or Foxkeh! Using each plate, we will paint one large drawing on a large site wall.

Target: Anyone from children to adults are welcome.
Duration: 15 min

Parapara Animation

Let's create and display one extended animation on the site wall by combining each of our individually crafted animations drawn using a Web application running on hand-held tablets! This program can be participated very easily even while drinking tea in the cafe space. (This workshop is based entirely on open Web technologies such as SVG Animation.)

Target: Anyone from children to adults are welcome.
Duration: 10 min


Using easy drag & drop controls inside the browser, this workshop allows participants to create their own exclusive Web browser with own their personal preferences.


Anyone from children to adults are welcome.
Duration: 30 min