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  • Reduce Gecko's memory usage, especially on Firefox OS devices.


  • No scheduled meetings
    • Vidyo room:
    • IRC: #jsapi
    • Meeting notes:


Engineering Management
  • Naveed Ihsanullah
  • Terrence Cole (GC)
  • Steve Fink (GC)
  • Jon Coppeard (GC)
  • Nicholas Nethercote (MemShrink)
Program Management
  • Chris Peterson


Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Keywords Priority Status Assigned to
651448 Clear statement-lifetime artifacts after each top level statement [MemShrink:P3] -- NEW
669684 Avoid allocating a chunk for time-based GC trigger [MemShrink:P3] memory-footprint -- NEW
722749 add source information about where a JS object was allocated in DumpHeapComplete [MemShrink:P2][firebug-p1] -- NEW
727615 Do small dependent strings effectively leak large strings? [MemShrink:P3][sp3] -- NEW
791853 Add memory reporters for self-hosted JS [MemShrink:P2][js:t] -- NEW
881914 GC seems to trigger too late when juggling huge structured clones [MemShrink:P2] P3 REOPENED
894971 Entrain fewer unnecessary variables in closures [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
896753 Memory reporter for structured clone buffers [MemShrink:P2] P3 NEW
916748 Report scope chain leaks. [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
987955 Figure out how much we could save by sharing bytecode/sources per-process [e10s-multi:+][MemShrink:P1] -- NEW
1025085 Support copy-on-write for ArrayBuffers copied between (DOM Worker) threads [Games][MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
1084626 Remove support for Chrome -> Content leaks through debugger objects [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
1106662 Memory leak on [MemShrink:P3] -- NEW
1113636 Consider Increasing JavaScript source compression to reduce memory usage [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
1117180 Messing with weakmap can result on negative value for heap-unclassified [MemShrink:P3] -- NEW
1134590 Freeing up memory after Emscripten page closes [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
1157839 Investigate using refcounted strings for wrapping [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
1162497 Relazify scripts with inner functions [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
1178651 Consider sharing the self-hosting compartment from chrome to content processes [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
1315757 Share atoms across processes [MemShrink:P2][e10s-multi:+] P3 NEW
1433580 High JavaScript memory usage related to google safeframe {MemShrink:P2] P3 REOPENED
1451517 Really high CPU and memory usage on due to ads [MemShrink:P3] P3 NEW
1452077 Doing repeated image/video searches in the same tab causes memory usage to grow over twice as fast as Chrome [MemShrink:P2] memory-footprint, perf P3 NEW
1482037 Excessive memory use, memory leak [MemShrink:P2] P3 UNCONFIRMED
1485078 Gigabytes of script-sources memory on [fxperf:-][MemShrink:P2] P3 NEW
1540101 JS memory is not garbage collected after using Promise.all() [MemShrink:P1] P3 NEW
1577985 Huge memory usage while playing video with FF 70.0a1 (2019-08-30) (64-bit) on Linux [MemShrink:P2] P5 NEW
985539 Modify JS heap dumping to include information about empty cells in each arena [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
988356 Investigate making the empty chunk pool per-process [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
1008337 [meta] GC memory efficiency tracking bug [MemShrink:meta] meta P2 NEW
1172193 Heuristics for zone GCs are bad [MemShrink:P2] -- NEW
1367471 De-duplicate strings or other constant & common data during compaction [MemShrink:P2] triage-deferred P3 NEW
1407691 Run away memory use sending ArrayBuffers to workers [MemShrink:P3] P2 NEW
1421966 Investigate triggering compaction if the proportion of unused GC things gets too high [MemShrink:P2] P3 NEW
1448548 Major deferred cleanup of (garbage?) strings related to tab focus [MemShrink:P2] memory-leak P3 NEW
1472062 [meta] OOM while evicting the nursery [MemShrink:P2][tbird crash][qa-not-actionable] crash, meta, top50, topcrash P3 NEW
1484903 Investigate doing a last ditch full GC if we hit OOM when evicting the nursery [MemShrink:P2] P5 NEW
1495355 Add explicit GC tuning modes (low memory, tab in background, etc) [MemShrink:P2] P2 NEW
1504623 Callbacks cause excessive webextension process memory growth [MemShrink:P2] memory-footprint P3 NEW
1520471 The GC isn't told about LifoAlloc allocations [MemShrink:P2] P3 NEW
1525623 Firefox crashes during long-run automated test of a web application [MemShrink:P3] memory-leak, parity-chrome P5 UNCONFIRMED
1533449 [meta] Firefox memory use grows unreasonably high in some cases [MemShrink:meta] meta P3 NEW
1537652 Investigate more selective compacting GC. [MemShrink:P2] perf:resource-use P3 NEW
1540986 Dead zones are not automatically collected [MemShrink:P2] P3 NEW
1566721 Allocate GC chunks from jemalloc [MemShrink:P2] memory-footprint P5 NEW
1610228 [Nightly] refreshing facebook tab seems to continuously increase memory usage for that tab [memshrink] memory-footprint, regression P3 NEW

46 Total; 46 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);