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This page explains how the JavaScript Team uses Bugzilla.

Bugzilla components

Whiteboard flags

A few whiteboard flags are used today in the JS components:

As a convention, anybody can follow the following naming for using the whiteboard to improve Bugzilla searches. However, note that whiteboard searches are not indexed in Bugzilla databases and this might lead to performance issues.

  • [:nick:...] Used by the user :nick for managing bugs.
  • [#channel:...] Used by members of the IRC #channel for managing bugs.

Priority Flags

Priority flags are used to track whether a bug is going to be worked on soon.

  • P1: The bug is being worked on, or it should urgently be worked on.
  • P2: This is in someone todo-list.
  • P3: backlog; to be fixed … one day.
  • P4: There is no P4.
  • P5: Patches are welcome!


Severity flags should be N/A for enhancement and tasks. Any others should have a severity set from S1 to S4, which definitions are listed in the source documentation.


A meeting is held every week, on Tuesday 9am PT. (contact Steven De Tar, to be invited)

The triage effort is currently held by Steven De Tar, Nicolas B. Pierron, Bryan Thrall, and Matthew Gaudet. They mainly work off the following lists:

  • List of non-prioritized bugs - This list is used to set the missing priority flags and whiteboard flags to the corresponding bugs and sometimes needinfo? people.
  • BugDash - Scroll down to the bottom, under "Pending Untriaged (defects only)". This reports per-component the number of bugs which need to be triaged.
  • Triage Center — List all non-triaged bugs for all JS components.

List of Non-Rooted Bugs By Year

Minimum Requirements

A bug that is actionable and has been triaged should have, at a minimum:

  • A priority set
  • A severity set
  • It should block one of the meta-bugs

A bug that isn't actionable and has been triaged should have:

  • A need-info for someone who can explore the bug further or has information needed to make the bug actionable
  • A comment describing the information that is lacking

P1 re-triage

Sometimes, we re-triage P1 which have seen no activity for a while. This is useful to make sure developers did not forget any important bugs. The following searches are lists of non-meta and non-stalled P1 issues affecting Firefox VV.

In this case affecting means: status-firefoxVV == affected || (status-firefoxVV is-empty && creation-date <= betaVV-merge-date). The calendar for each version can be found at .

To avoid re-iterating over iterating every weeks over the same bugs, we filter out bugs which have been changed in the last 10 days.


  • Meta-bugs extension (by nbp) to highlight fields in Bugzilla that need attention during triage